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Medical Marijuana Assists Veterans With PTSD


With the over 30 states legalizing medical marijuana in some form, comes some hope for American Veterans who are suffering from PTSD.

Baton Rouge a Marine veteran struggling with PTSD became one of the first people to purchase medical marijuana in Louisiana this month.

Having tried medical marijuana in California first, he said it is fantastic he can purchase it now in his home state as it has changed his life.

This is a benefit not just to Baton Rouge but to all the Veterans out there.

This is a significant step forward and they deserve peace in their lives without the additional stress of smoking in the house illegally that just adds to the PTSD.


Never Get Busted Weed


However, medical marijuana reduces the PTSD symptoms and makes life easier but does not cure it.  The only way to do this is to be treated by Ibogaine.

A prime example of this is a very close friend of mine who served in the British army and served in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Bosnia with the American forces and saw significant combat.

When he got out of the army he suffered for quite a few years and the PTSD ended his first marriage.

Over time he managed to live with the PTSD, remarried and grew a successful business. It still effected his life with good and bad days but it seemed he had it under control.

In 2017 the business collapsed due to no fault of his own due to government law changes and the PTSD reared its ugly head in a big way due to the enormous stress he was put under.

He turned to alcohol, drugs and sex and became another person.  He lost everything including his current marriage and business and ended up moving to Asia to get away from life with little in his pocket.

Leaving his son behind and most of his belongings, he slowly declined into a bad place and tried to take his life on several occasions.

This is when I met him.  The trauma he was suffering was pretty easy to see and I knew I had to do something with the PTSD otherwise he may have taken his own life.

He had tried all sorts in UK to dampen the effects of PTSD and not all good.

After having a long chat about his symptoms and making him realize the space he was in I recommended to him to micro dose Ibogaine and reluctantly over time he agreed as he skeptical about the treatment like others are.

After treating him with Ibogaine he felt totally new again and it changed his life and he will be the first one to agree with me on that one. He was pretty amazed at the speed at which it worked.

No more days waking up and feeling really down without any reason to feel that way or lack of strength to do something.  Now he was back to enjoying life again.

He is now my best mate and we work together as he wanted to get involved with my work as he had experienced the benefits first hand and wants other people just like him to get treated.

Medical marijuana is a great step forward but consider Ibogaine treatment as this will free you from the disorder and give you a new life.


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