TripToWellness Information

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TripToWellness Information


Details of packages including flight, hotel and food prices

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A seven day stay is recommended but we can complete Healing Packages 1 and 2 in five days.

Take a quick and inexpensive flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the home of Barry Cooper and TripToWellness. Round trip tickets from almost anywhere in the U.S. are $500 to $700. Direct flights are only 3 to 4 hours.

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Coming soon, our TripToWellness rooms will be available and offered within the package price. For now, clean, cozy beach/jungle rooms can be found from $50 to $100 per night. Contact Barry and he will help you find a cool spot for your TripToWellness transformation.

Puerto Vallarta has some of the best food in the world and it’s CHEAP TO EAT! A big breakfast in Puerto Vallarta can be found for only $3.00. An excellent meal of fresh fish, veggies, salsa, and drink is only $6.00. No kidding.

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The holistic treatments listed in the packages are what sets the TripToWellness Ayahuasca journeys apart from others. An Ayahuasca experience is enhanced when the blood, liver and endocrine systems are detoxified. The purification also reduces the amount of purging that accompanies drinking the DMT rich brew. Many tripper never experience the unnecessary purging because of these holistic treatments.

Barry is partnered with The Holistic Bio Spa which is considered one of the finest holistic centers in Mexico. A 5 Star TripAdvisor ranking and a first page number one Google placement proves you will receive the best holistic treatments in the world. Check them out:

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When you are ready to purchase your TripToWellness Package, Barry will Skype or call you for a cup of coffee. You can discuss your special needs and intentions so Barry can customize your experience. He will answer all your questions and ask you a few to insure your receive the ultimate transformation and become the best version of yourself possible.

Half the package price is required as a deposit to seal your dates. The deposit is non refundable but will be applied if you decide to return on a date other than the dates originally booked.

TripToWellness is also an Ibogaine treatment center specializing in the treatment of alcoholism, cocaine, methamphetamine, and opiate addictions. Fill out any of the “Book directly with Barry” forms for a free consultation and treatment prices. There is no shame in addiction, and we love you.

Pick a package now and get ready to have the most transforming TripToWellness of your life!

Barry will pick you up at the airport.

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