Traveling with Kratom Do’s and Don’ts

There are three to five million regular Kratom users across the US and this number is growing rapidly each year.

Kratom is a leaf grown in Southeast Asia. Native people have traditionally chewed Kratom as a slight stimulant similar to coffee. Today people drink the powdered leaf by mixing it with their preferred liquid.

The U.S. banned Kratom in several states, counties, and cities yet it remains legal in most jurisdictions across the country. Hopefully organizations like the American Kratom Association and online vendors like Kraken Kratom working together can make Kratom legal everywhere.

Some quick searches indicate that Kratom usage is prohibited in Denver, Colorado; Sarasota, Florida; Broward, Florida; San Diego, California; and Jerseyville, Illinois counties. Tennessee, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Indiana states are also a part of this list.

One of the most frustrating things for Kratom users is its volatile legal status. You never know what to expect with new legislation constantly on the horizon. It’s important to know the current legal environment of Kratom where you intend to possess or use it.

I’ll give you some tips on how to travel with Kratom and specifically how to fly with it.

Traveling with Kratom Do’s and Don’ts

What Is the Safest Way to Fly with Kratom?

The safest and smartest way to carry your Kratom through airports is surprisingly legal.

Just make sure that Kratom is legal in your destination. If that’s the case, then you should have no problem carrying your Kratom with you.

As a precaution, always carry your Kratom in its original package. Do not make any attempts to disguise it as something other than what it is. If a TSA officer happens to question you on it, you can explain to them that it’s a botanical herb, and that you take it for your health.

Remember that TSA officers may not know what Kratom is so attempts to conceal or disguise it will only raise suspicions and cause undue delays. Carry your Kratom in its original packaging if you are traveling somewhere Kratom is legal.

What If Kratom Is Not Legal Where You’re Going?

There’s an incredibly simple way of getting your Kratom past airport security without raising any suspicions – just put it in your checked baggage. This will allow you to bypass the majority of the security checks associated with flying and save you a huge headache. Be sure to rename the Kratom packaging to something that is legal such as “Moringa leaf.”

But what about K-9’s? Again - you and your Kratom are safe. Police do not train drug dogs to detect Kratom.

So, unless you behave suspiciously and give them cause for concern, your Kratom should pass all airport security checks if you leave it in your checked bag.


What If I Need to Carry Kratom On Me?

I’m just going to say this right now. Even if you have green powder you still do not want to be walking around the airport with any kind of unlabeled powder. But if you’re going somewhere that Kratom is illegal and you absolutely must carry it on you, there are a few ways you can do it, albeit with more risk involved.

  • Capsules

Capsules are a time-tested solution for carrying small quantities of Kratom. However, their ubiquity also makes them a prime suspect among TSA officers. To dispel their doubts, carry a prescription for the medicine that is supposed to be in the capsules.

If you have any other medications that come in capsule form, just add a few Kratom capsules to your genuine prescription.

As an additional precaution, fill up only 10%-20% of the bottle with Kratom capsules. So, even if they do decide to take a few capsules out, they’ll find the medicine they’re supposed to.

  • Crotch Transport

Your crotch area – for both men and women – is usually the safest place on your body for storing small quantities of Kratom. Make sure that your Kratom is triple or quadruple packaged before you put it in your crotch area.

  • Pens and Accessories

Ink pens are the obvious choice. They are airtight and prevent any smell from escaping. Although monotonous, this is one way to transport Kratom powder on your person without raising any suspicions.

Another smart disguise option is e-cigarettes. Their tanks can store plenty of Kratom to last you for the journey and perhaps more.


Final Thoughts

A quick visit to a head shop may present you with many ideas and products that can help you conceal your Kratom on a flight. But the chances are that TSA officials are well-acquainted with such items so don’t buy them from the shop. Instead, use those ideas as inspiration to come up with your own solution. Anything you come up with must be airtight, well-protected, and should not raise any suspicions even if accessed by the airport security.

All of this said - if you’re dead set on traveling with Kratom through an illegal jurisdiction, it may be best to just keep it in its original packaging and play dumb if you’re caught. Call a bondsman in the jurisdiction where Kratom is illegal and ask if local law enforcement is arresting people for Kratom found in the airport. If there have been no past arrests at your destination, then this is a good method.