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The Drug War Ruined My Block – Documentary with Attorney Marc J. Victor the Attorney For Freedom.

The Drug War Ruined My Block

My good friend and personal hero, Attorney Marc Victor, explains the woes of the Drug War in this mini-documentary. I met Marc years ago when he called upon me to testify as an expert witness in a drug case that involves a K9 false alert. He and I have shared the stage as guest speakers for Anarchpulco and have collaborated many times to progress freedom and harm reduction. If you aren’t following him, start today. This lawyer is 💯 endorsed by NeverGetBusted.

The Drug War

Marc J. Victor is known as, The Attorney For Freedom. Attorney Marc J. Victor talks about the failed war on drugs from his perspective as a Criminal Defense Attorney in this short documentary.

“As a man of freedom and peace, I have been called a gun activist, a marijuana activist, and a gay rights activist; but I am none of those…I am a freedom activist.  I support the rights of competent adults to engage in any voluntary and peaceful activities they may decide to participate in…even if I may disagree with those activities. Being for freedom does not mean that you have to participate, advocate or even agree with the choices of others may make.  You can disagree and even voice that disagreement while at the same time support their right to do the very thing you disagree with.  Being for freedom means much more than just waving flags or singing songs. It means that you support the rights of others to engage in all voluntary transactions…as long as it is peaceful.”

Just as with alcohol prohibition, drug prohibition has caused many more problems than it ever hoped to solve. The United States is now the world-class champion in incarceration rates. An embarrassment for any country, but especially for a country that calls itself, ” The Land of the Free.”