TestClear.com has launched its new-look website for products to assist you in passing your drug test.

The site has an excellent look and a user-friendly shopping experience combined with the best products on the market.

Nevergetbusted is a  proud partner of TestClear.com and we have had nothing but positive feedback from our followers since endorsing the products after Barry found them to be the best supplier and products on the market.

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TestClear Products To Help You Pass A Drug Test


Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

Looking to pass a hair drug test?

Hair drug tests are one of the most popular test methods used by law enforcement today, as most hair samples deliver a weeks-long history of any previous drug use or exposure to toxins.

TestClear.com hair purification shampoos quickly and effectively cleanse the hair and scalp to remove impurities from the hair follicle itself, while our hair drug testing kits are extremely accurate and are generally more sensitive than urine or saliva tests.

Each 100% confidential test kit can tell you exactly what impurities are in your system, including hydrocodone, amphetamines, THC (marijuana), opiates, phencyclidine, oxycodone, and much more.

If you have an upcoming drug test or health screening and you’re worried about potential toxins in your system, order a hair follicle drug test kit today!



Urine Test Kit



Urine drug test procedures are very common and often required by an employer, the court, the military and even for insurance purposes. Find your preferred solution for how to pass a urine drug test below...
TestClear Mouth Wash

Saliva drug tests are quite popular these days, so ensure that you pass your upcoming drug test by using our incredibly effective saliva detox program.

Effective for users of marijuana and other substances, the SalivaConfirm 6-panel oral fluid screening kit shows you just which toxins are in your system, and can detect the presence of six unique drugs in less than ten minutes.

Using the latest in drug testing technology, this tester is both affordable and convenient and doesn’t require any invasive trips to the bathroom. Simple collect a small saliva sample and then wait ten minutes!

If you do detect toxins in your saliva, consider using our revolutionary Toxin Rid Rescue Wash mouthwash that helps you to pass an oral drug test with ease.

A one-ounce bottle contains a specially formulated blend that rids the mouth of detectable toxins - and it can be used just minutes before the test!

Ensure that you pass your upcoming saliva drug test - contact the drug testing advisors today, at TestClear!