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DEA and Cartel Similarities

huge marijuana bust

The DEA has just as much “marijuana blood” on their hands as the cartels. Like the cartels, the DEA smuggles weapons and drugs, launders money, takes prisoners and kills the opposition. The DEA is a cartel. Throughout NeverGetBusted you will sometimes find an article that is only one or two sentences.  We did this on…

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Barry Lied In Almost Every Police Report

Barry and Toby

“I Lied.” “I lied in almost every police report I ever wrote. My childhood handlers convinced me it was my duty to lie on ‘druggies’ because they are evil. I’m sorry I obeyed my parents, teachers and the churches but I didn’t have the Internet to check them. Always question authority.”— Barry Cooper/CEO Throughout NeverGetBusted…

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Drug Dogs


Click To Hire Barry As Your K-9 Expert Witness  Drug Dogs and K-9 False Alerts. A Comprehensive Study Of Police Dogs By Criminal Defense K-9 Expert, Barry Cooper In 2006, criminal defense expert witness, Barry Cooper, was the first to blow the whistle on drug dog false alerts. This is a comprehensive study of drug dog mechanics…

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