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During my tenure as one of America’s Top Narcotics Officers, I ran over 100 search warrants on homes across Texas.  I am sad for the terror I caused these non-violent families and want you to know how to NeverGetRaided.

A typical search warrant on a pot dealer’s house begins with a cop finding marijuana during a traffic stop and in exchange for leniency, she convinces the driver to make a pot purchase from their source.  The new informant and officer usually meet the next day where the officer gives the informant marked money to make the purchase.  The money is usually “marked” by photo-copying each bill and during the subsequent raid, the searching officers scour for the photo-copied twenty-dollar bill to prove a clandestine purchase was made at your home.

With the marked money in hand, the informant walks into your home and scores a bag of pot.  Usually the police film the  informant going in and out of your home but the cops do not have to be present or nearby during the purchase.

After receiving the sack of grass you sold the informant, the narcos take about thirty minutes to complete a fill-in-the-blank search warrant for a judge’s signature.  BTW:  I never had a judge refuse to sign any of my warrants.

After the warrant is signed, your home is no longer protected under the 4th Amendment of the American Constitution and the police can use whatever force necessary to arrest you and search your home.

To avoid a raid, always make money/pot transactions away from your home and hide your stash off your property.  If the police see you selling pot to an informant in a parking lot or elsewhere, they cannot raid your house.  Make the transaction away from your home and avoid any illegal activities with recently busted people...even if they are your family or friend.

Candi and I cover how to sell pot safely in our second film titled, NeverGetRaided.

Peace, Love and Understanding


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  1. Sandy on December 8, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    You know how else to get away with selling drugs. You submit online tips reporting yourself for selling drugs without cops knowing it’s you. They watch your house but see nothing. You have someone else report you, cops watch your house again, nothing. Do this over and over using false names of yourself, eventually cops catch on and now cops don’t look into any drug tips about you. Now you’re safe to sell drugs.

    I can sell and not have to worry about anything.