Legal Dangers Of Synthetic Marijuana

synthetic marijuana

By Barry Cooper

I have been flooded with emails asking about synthetic marijuana.

I asked two trusted lawyers who both recommended that since the legal wording of the new Food and Drug Administration's law can unambiguously include ALL synthetics, it is their
recommendation as well as mine to cease mailing and/or possessing any synthetics to/in the U.S. It is important to note that in the government's wording, the new law makes it clear they have closed the loophole regarding overseas importation of these substances to the U.S.

Recent raids and arrests in the U.S. show the government's willingness to disrupt the SELLING OF SYNTHETICS whether they are legal or not. Police are operating with the attitude, "Since the new laws are complicated, we will make the arrests and let the courts sort out whether the arrests were legal or not."

For example, prior to the ban taking effect and while it was still in the grace period, U.S. law enforcement conducted a series of raids and arrests seizing millions in cash and product. Although the citizens arrested were well within the legal "grace period," they suffered the
raids, arrests and confiscation of all their hard earned cash and assets. Now, the unfortunate synthetic clerk must navigate through the complex, costly and stressful U.S. criminal
justice system.

In America, there is LAW and there is CASE LAW. The LAW is a guide for law enforcement but usually lacks detail. When a person is arrested for violating a LAW, the LAW is tested and tried in court. After a ruling, there is now CASE LAW to guide the officers and the courts. Since the Federal Ban against synthetics is a new LAW, THERE IS NO CASE LAW to offer legal guidance. To err on the side of caution and safety, it is recommended that no persons test the new LAW. It can cost you everything you own, including your life.

The U.S. government loves making examples of people who break new LAWS. It is our opinion the U.S. government is close to making many International arrest of those not heeding the new synthetic LAWS.

About Barry Cooper

"You may have seen him on the pages of Maxim, or during one of his many appearances on CNN, Fox News and Spike TV. He’s the cop who turned against the drug war. In American pop culture right now, there’s nobody quite like him. As one of the former top drug cops working the Texas highways, he was ferocious, bringing down hundreds of people for possessing even tiny amounts of an illegal substance. In his new life as a humanitarian crusader and activist filmmaker, he’s just as ferocious. Cooper is on a mission to free America’s pot prisoners. In the terminology of war, Barry is an insurgent, lobbing bombs into the fourth estate as his form of penance for all the people he put behind bars on drug offenses.”—True/SlantBarry recently starred with Woody Harrelson, 50 Cent, Eminem and Susan Sarandon in the anti drug war documentary, “How To Make Money Selling Drugs.” His internet fame via his website has received global attention by being reported in Rolling Stones, High Times, a feature in Maxim Magazine and a front cover feature in Cannabis Culture and the Texas Observer. His story was picked as a feature on NPR’s, This American Life. He has been a guest on scores of cable news channels discussing the Drug War. He has also appeared as a drug and legal expert in five episodes of SPIKE TV’s reality show, MANSWERS.

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  1. BVB on February 15, 2013 at 10:22 am

    I just found out that it will become illegal to purchase these in the UK in 3 weeks. (Again, the UK government playing follow-the-leader. Assholes.)
    The biggest problem with the synthetic stuff is that it’s sold as ‘room odourisers’, so you dont really know what’s in them, and because of that, you dont know how much to use (or if you should use it at all). It’s dangerous, and shows once again that people are willing to put potentially harmful chemicals in their bodies just because it’s legal.

    On the other hand, they are really good, and I might have to stock up before I have a few weeks wait to get hold of whatever they will bring out next. XD

  2. James on January 13, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Question: Why is the Potporui (Fake Marijuana) sold openly in some stores/smoke shops in the Houston areas, but in other locations it is kept hidden untill you ask for it ? So, is it or is it not Illegal ? Either the employees do not know or they are not telling the whole truth on the matter.

  3. Cian Moriarty on December 7, 2012 at 7:35 am

    Great. So now the onus could be shifted to the defendant to prove that mystery chemical x which could be soldering flux isn’t “a previously unknown synthetic drug”. Apart from the expense to the defense of proving this with expensive analytical tests, it is an inversion of “innocent until proven guilty”.

    As an aside is that molecular formula Spice? I’m glad I never tried it. That napthalene fragment piggy backed to the N-pentyl-indole looks soo wrong.

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