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Arrested for a drug crime? Have a loved one in prison? We will examine any drug case for mistakes. Let Barry testify for you and against the police. Cops always make mistakes. We free prisoners and defendants.

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Drug expert, Barry Cooper, recently starred with Woody Harrelson, Susan Sarandon, 50 Cent and Eminem in the anti drug war documentary, "How To Make Money Selling Drugs." The excerpt below features Barry freeing prisoners.

Arrested for a drug crime? Have a loved one in prison? We will examine any drug case for mistakes. Let Barry testify for you and against the police.  Cops always make mistakes. We free prisoners and defendants.

If you were arrested for a drug crime or have a loved one in prison, do not feel ashamed and do not feel alone. It is neither wrong nor immoral to possess or sell a substance…it's just illegal and it shouldn't be.  Just like you, millions of others in the United States are being arrested and prosecuted for non-violent drug crimes.

The U.S. now has the largest prison population in the history of mankind and currently holds the world record for the number of incarcerations, proportionately and numerically. The United States has more prisoners than communist China and China has one billion more in population.  Depending solely on a lawyer for your freedom is a sure ticket to imprisonment.

Over two million people are presently incarcerated and they all had lawyers.  So, having only a lawyer did not work at least two million times.   For instance, the absolute fastest way to go to prison unnecessarily is to fall into the sucker's trap of plea bargaining a defensible case for deferred adjudication or probation. Over 50% of humans placed on deferred or probation wind up in prison. Deferred and probation should be one of the last resorts to resolve your case – not the first.  It is vital to have Barry examine all the evidence and filings of your case to insure your lawyer is not selling you out.

“My friend and I were arrested in Arizona for 50 lbs of marijuana.  Our lawyers wanted us to plea but Barry reviewed the evidence and found a big legal error.  We are both free with no conviction or plea deal.”—Name protected

"I was rescued by Barry and his team after serving 15 years of a 30 year prison sentence for marijuana seeds. I'm free and with my family in Jamaica because of the NeverGetBusted Freedom Program."--Dalton Wilson Inmate #76331080

"The cops planted a controlled substance (meth) in my car and I was sentenced to 8 years in federal prison.  After four years of being locked away from my children, my dad contacted Barry and now I'm free. --Yolanda Madden Inmate #87678654

During his career as a narcotics officer, Barry accumulated a record of over eight hundred narcotics arrests and the seizure of millions in cash and assets. He now uses his past experience to expertly counter the court’s attempt to prosecute citizens for drug crimes.  Barry knows all the tricks drug cops and courts use to bend the rules to doom the defendant.  He has guest lectured and taught thousands of criminal defense lawyers how to defend drug clients and he will teach you the same methods during your consultation.  Your lawyer will not offer Barry's "out of the box" strategies.

“He was even better than he says he was. He had a knack for finding drugs and made more arrests and more seizures than all of the other agents combined. He was probably the best narcotics officer in the state and maybe the country during his time with the task force.” –Tom Finley, Commander Permian Basin Drug Task Force

If you are in trouble, schedule a consultation with Barry by completing the ALERT BARRY short form on this page. NeverGetBusted has a special alert system set for your submission so Barry will respond to your alert within a few hours. No arrest is too small.  Misdemeanors are attacked as aggressively as felonies. Not including the tens of thousands of Americans Barry has saved through his NeverGetBusted DVD series, Barry has helped over two hundred drug defendants go free.  None of  his clients are in jail.  Not one. 

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Barry is not a lawyer and does not give legal advice.  Any legal advice must be given by your attorney or one of Barry’s attorneys.

"I made an “F” on my report card and was sentenced to one year in juvenile jail. My father hired Barry Cooper who secretly recorded my probation officer and posted it on Youtube.  This triggered media reports and the judge was forced to resign and I was released.  I’m now back home with my dad.” –Tanner Pasarella

“I was falsely arrested by Officer Jermaine J. Persaud of the Howard County Police department. After watching the NeverGetBusted series, I realized if anyone could help me seek justice, it’s Barry Cooper. As I suspected, Barry was very willing to help and seemed to genuinely care about my case and my civil rights. I took Barry’s advice and filed a law suit,”pro-Se” (I represented myself.) I even discovered a waiver that qualified me for filing the suit at no charge. I stayed in contact Barry throughout the suit and in 2010 I was awarded $3000 from Howard County. After my success with Barry, I noticed the Police stopped harassing me. Thanks Barry.”–Patrick W. Upman

"After being tasered, I sent Barry a copy of the video to see if my civil rights had indeed been violated. Barry swiftly got back to me and confirmed the officers’ unacceptable actions. I hired Barry and under his direction, I filed a lawsuit and was recently awarded $25,000. Thanks Barry" --Dustin, Sulphur Springs, Texas. 

To learn more about his expertise, view Barry's credentials here

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    when drugs are illegal they only help the criminals every person with common sense can see that