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Growing Marijuana Safely By Tricking The Helicopters


Email To NeverGetBusted: 

"I had 4 small plants in my back yard , A search chopper flew by yesterday and i strongly believe that they were spotted but im not 100% sure but im thinking they might have . However after the chopper passed i  immediately removed the 4 plants off my property , My question is this ! If the search chopper did spot them yesterday and a ground unit is sent out here sometime to look around my yard will they have the right to search my home when they dont find the 4 that i had ? like since their gone now and off my property and they come look but dont find anything do they have the right to search my home ? thank you in advance it is greatly appreciated."

Barry's Response:

"The police may be able to get a search warrant for your yard and home but if they haven't already, you are safe. You were smart to remove the plants and will be smarter if you don't ever return them.  If the kops raid you, there is no evidence to charge you with a crime.  A photo of a supposed pot plant taken from a chopper is not enough evidence to charge you with growing or possession. You are safe."

Learn to grow undetected by watching this video of the entire first chapter of NeverGetRaided

About Barry Cooper

"You may have seen him on the pages of Maxim, or during one of his many appearances on CNN, Fox News and Spike TV. He’s the cop who turned against the drug war. In American pop culture right now, there’s nobody quite like him. As one of the former top drug cops working the Texas highways, he was ferocious, bringing down hundreds of people for possessing even tiny amounts of an illegal substance. In his new life as a humanitarian crusader and activist filmmaker, he’s just as ferocious. Cooper is on a mission to free America’s pot prisoners. In the terminology of war, Barry is an insurgent, lobbing bombs into the fourth estate as his form of penance for all the people he put behind bars on drug offenses.”—True/Slant Barry recently starred with Woody Harrelson, 50 Cent, Eminem and Susan Sarandon in the anti drug war documentary, “How To Make Money Selling Drugs.” His internet fame via his website has received global attention by being reported in Rolling Stones, High Times, a feature in Maxim Magazine and a front cover feature in Cannabis Culture and the Texas Observer. His story was picked as a feature on NPR’s, This American Life. He has been a guest on scores of cable news channels discussing the Drug War. He has also appeared as a drug and legal expert in five episodes of SPIKE TV’s reality show, MANSWERS.

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