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Barry Cooper is a former narcotics agent who set up Never Get Busted to provide expert witness drug case consultations and testimony and to give advice on drug-related matters for harm reduction.


barry cooper former narcotics agent

Win your Drug Case - Barry Cooper offers expert drug case consultations.

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Drug Experts Barry Cooper teaches you how to pass a drug test every time

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how to spot undercover cops and sneak marijuana through airports

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Barry Cooper was once one of the nation’s top drug narcotics agents and has over 29 years of experience working drug cases. After an enormous shift in consciousness, he became famous for freeing drug prisoners as a criminal defense expert witness. Now he teaches people how to Never Get Busted.

He made hundreds of drug arrests as a former narcotics agent. Since founding Never Get Busted, Barry has practiced as a criminal defense expert for over a decade. He has guest lectured in front of thousands of lawyers throughout the U.S. and has helped hundreds of his clients go free.

He knows all the tricks cops and courts use to doom the defendant. He uses his past experience to expertly counter the court’s attempt to convict you for a drug crime.

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How to pass a drug test by Barry Cooper

pot smoke

Got a drug test coming up? Do you need to know how to pass your drug test by getting marijuana out of your system fast? This article can help you as it has helped millions of Never Get Busted fans.

Passing a drug test can be tough but the good news is that it’s not impossible. Barry Cooper is an ex narcotics agent who has passed over twenty supervised drug tests without abstaining. No other person has the unique and expert knowledge of passing a drug test like Barry Cooper.

This article will teach you the basics of drug testing and help you learn how to detox marijuana through natural and chemical methods. You can become THC-free using these methods.

Let’s show you how to pass a drug test for marijuana right now. If you are in urgent need of passing a drug test then this guide "how to pass a drug test" by Barry Cooper is mandatory.

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SWAT Team Sean Taylor

Allen Oklahoma SWAT Team Destroy Home Kill Suspect

Allen Oklahoma SWAT Team Destroy Home, Kill Suspect Sean Taylor After Standoff For Traffic Violation – All traffic violations are enforced with deadly force by Police in America…

Spencer Alan Boston

Man Facing Marijuana Charge Lights Up Joint In Court

Man Facing Marijuana Charge Lights up Joint in Court – not all heroes wear capes. Spencer Alan Boston was facing a marijuana…

Employment Drug Test

Ibogaine Deaths Of 1 Per 427 Treatments Is A Lie Drug Expert Debunks Ibogaine Propaganda

You may have read there is 1 ibogaine-related fatality per 427 treatment episodes. I will prove this is a lie and an obvious attempt to discredit the addiction-busting miracle plant, Iboga. There are currently dozens of Ibogaine clinics worldwide who individually administer over 400 Ibogaine treatments per year without a single death. My Ibogaine Treatment…


Civil Forfeiture Law Gives Cops License To Steal

October 7, 2014 Civil forfeiture was authorized in 1988 and represents one of the most blatant assaults on private property rights today.  Under civil forfeiture, police can seize your home, car, cash or other property without charging you with a crime.   All the police need is the mere suspicion that your property may have some connection to criminal…


NeverGetBusted Presents Cop Fails Vol 1

This five minute montage features all of the craziest and most hilarious cop fails ever caught on camera! If it makes you laugh, SHARE it.

cop pot

Magician Makes Marijuana disappear In Front Of Cop

Want another laugh? This next video features all the funniest and craziest cop fails mashed into one hilarious montage! NeverGetBusted Presents: Cop Fails Vol. 1

Barry and Toby

Barry Lied In Almost Every Police Report

“I Lied.” “I lied in almost every police report I ever wrote. My childhood handlers convinced me it was my duty to lie on ‘druggies’ because they are evil. I’m sorry I obeyed my parents, teachers and the churches but I didn’t have the Internet to check them. Always question authority.”— Barry Cooper/CEO Throughout NeverGetBusted…


Drug Dogs

Click To Hire Barry As Your K-9 Expert Witness  Drug Dogs and K-9 False Alerts. A Comprehensive Study Of Police Dogs By Criminal Defense K-9 Expert, Barry Cooper In 2006, criminal defense expert witness, Barry Cooper, was the first to blow the whistle on drug dog false alerts. This is a comprehensive study of drug dog mechanics…


Drug War Insurgent, Barry Cooper

 A RawStory Report  By: Stephen Webster The face of an American insurgent. (Photo by Stephen C. Webster) Update: Several days after this story’s publication, Barry Cooper’s home near Austin, Texas was raided by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department and Cooper was taken into custody for making a false police report, a misdemeanor offense. More details are available…

police running

NeverGetBusted Tip Of The Year Flee The United States

By Barry Cooper as published at Huffington Post My favorite tip for never getting busted used to be, “Never carry more marijuana than you can eat.” Although this advice is still effective, my new favorite tip is, “Flee the United States as fast as you can.” Although there is currently a paradigm shift in the awareness…

nevergetbusted dog

K9 false alerts and how police dogs detect marijuana

Great video by Barry explaining why police dogs false alert.


Tricking The Helicopters

How to trick the heat cams on helicopters Taken from Volume 2: NeverGetRaided Tricking The FLIR Cameras On Marijuana Spotting Helicopters


How Police Can Tell When You Are Lying

  During drug investigations and traffic stops, my extensive study of the FBI polygraph manual helped me detect when a person was lying or telling the truth.  Each person I arrested for contraband committed one or more of the following indicators of deception.   I hope these tips help you NeverGetBusted. Police look for these top…

mexico legalizes

Mexico Decriminalizes Cocaine Heroin Meth Marijuana And LSD

MEXICO CITY — Mexico decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin on Friday — a move that prosecutors say makes sense even in the midst of the government’s grueling battle against drug traffickers. Prosecutors said the new law sets clear limits that keep Mexico’s corruption-prone police from shaking down casual users and offers addicts free drug…


DEA Owns US Patent 6630507 for Medical Marijuana

The original 20-year patent was purchased in 1999. I originally published this article in 2012 to help the cause. Since then not a whole lot changed. But this patent is getting a lot of attention because in the last few months The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) voted on August 11 2016. The vote was very…

kops murder

Watch Police Gun Down Marine During Botched Marijuana Raid

Kops Murder Marine During Botched Drug Raid  

marc and jodie

The Prince of Pot and Jodie Emery Nail This Interview

“This is one of  the best anti-prohibition interviews I have seen”–Barry Cooper Part 1 Part 2

Free Marc

Barry Is Crying

This article is a farewell to my great friend, Marc Emery, who is serving a 5 year prison sentence for activism (marijuana seeds).  The news clip is my plea for his release: I’m Crying I’m crying. The flashbacks were intense last night. Candi had to continually wake me up out of the nightmares. I went…

a and j

Adam vs Man Owns Jessie Ventura Shares Adams Philosophies

Adam Kokesh gives proof and evidence why we do not need government or police while Mr. Ventura bumbles through the debate trying to justify government. NeverGetBusted is in full agreement with Adam in terms of abolishing all governments.

Barry Cooper filming KopBusters

Former Target Of Barry Coopers Kopbuster Sting Shot

Meissner, a former “Pedo Cop” and target of Barry Cooper’s Kopbuster Sting, was arrested and fired in 2009 for multiple felony crimes…

Barry Cooper is currently filming a new documentary in Australia

barry cooper former narcotics agent documentary

Barry is currently filming a new documentary series about his life to be aired on one of the top streaming services.  The current production is being shot in Australia, and from the initial feedback, filming is going well. Barry sends his regards to his fans and hopes you are all safe during this hard time of the Covid19 pandemic and protests across the US.

Latest update and video from Barry on his new documentary click here

Barry Cooper - Media Apearances

Barry Cooper starred with Woody Harrelson, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Susan Sarandon in the anti - Drug War documentary "How To Make Money Selling Drugs." He also appeared as a drug and legal expert in five episodes of SPIKE Tv's reality show "Manswers."  Barry was featured on the front cover of Cannabis Culture Magazine and the Texas Observer.

He received global attention by being reported in over 2,500 newspapers and magazines including Rolling Stones, HighTimes, Progressive, and Maxim Magazines.

Barry was a weekly guest on Playboy satellite radio and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television news channels including MSNBC Tucker Carlson, FOX Geraldo At Large, ABC I Caught, NBC Mike and Juliet Morning Show and NPR's "This American Life."

More about Barry Cooper here

Barry produced a new video this year for his fans which is part of his NeverGetBusted guide, how to pass your drug test for marijuana. Read the article or watch the video if you are required to pass a court-ordered or employment drug test.

More excellent videos here

Listen to Barry's documentary featured on IRA Glass NPR

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