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Barry Cooper is a former narcotics agent who set up Never Get Busted to provide expert witness drug case consultations and testimony and to give advice on drug-related matters for harm reduction.


barry cooper former narcotics agent

Win your Drug Case - Barry Cooper offers expert drug case consultations.

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Drug Experts Barry Cooper teaches you how to pass a drug test every time

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how to spot undercover cops and sneak marijuana through airports

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Barry Cooper was once one of the nation’s top drug narcotics agents and has over 29 years of experience working drug cases. After an enormous shift in consciousness, he became famous for freeing drug prisoners as a criminal defense expert witness. Now he teaches people how to Never Get Busted.

He made hundreds of drug arrests as a former narcotics agent. Since founding Never Get Busted, Barry has practiced as a criminal defense expert for over a decade. He has guest lectured in front of thousands of lawyers throughout the U.S. and has helped hundreds of his clients go free.

He knows all the tricks cops and courts use to doom the defendant. He uses his past experience to expertly counter the court’s attempt to convict you for a drug crime.

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How to pass a drug test by Barry Cooper

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Got a drug test coming up? Do you need to know how to pass your drug test by getting marijuana out of your system fast? This article can help you as it has helped millions of Never Get Busted fans.

Passing a drug test can be tough but the good news is that it’s not impossible. Barry Cooper is an ex narcotics agent who has passed over twenty supervised drug tests without abstaining. No other person has the unique and expert knowledge of passing a drug test like Barry Cooper.

This article will teach you the basics of drug testing and help you learn how to detox marijuana through natural and chemical methods. You can become THC-free using these methods.

Let’s show you how to pass a drug test for marijuana right now. If you are in urgent need of passing a drug test then this guide "how to pass a drug test" by Barry Cooper is mandatory.

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barry judge 2

Barry Discusses The Drug War On FOX news with Judge Napolitano

Barry interviewed on Fox News with Judge Napolitano regarding the drug war.


Barry Freed Mother By Luring Police Into Raiding A Fake Grow Room

As told by various reporters, News Clips, Raw Sting Footage and National Public Radio “This American Life”  “And it’s hard to see how putting elite officers on the trail of a misdemeanor offense is anything but a petty vendetta. In short, they’ve done nothing but prove Barry’s contention that law enforcement priorities in this state…


Maxim Magazine Features NeverGetBusted and KopBusters

“As the top narco cop in Texas, Barry Cooper arrested hundreds of people on drug charges.  Then he puffed a joint and decided to devote his life to a new cause:  making sure no one gets busted again.  Former Texas narc turned marijuana messiah, Barry Cooper, teaches you how to never get busted.” -Maxim Magazine…

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Barry Cooper Frees Man After Serving 15 years For Marijuana Seeds

February 12, 2014 By Barry Cooper NeverGetBusted, pro bono super lawyers and a federal prosecutor joined forces to free a 57 year old man after serving 15 years of a 30 year prison sentence for possessing a baggie of marijuana seeds. Last year, after exhausting all legal appeals, Dalton Wilson, a model prisoner who earned…

Police K9

Barry Cooper And Jay Kirschner Prove K9s False Alert Clients Felony Drug Charge Dismissed

Written by Attorney Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq. Man’s best friend.  And one of man’s best ‘tools.’  The ultra sensitive olfactory abilities of dogs are legendary.  But as this example will show, they are not “limitless.” In State v. J.R.J., Indian River County Case No.: 31-2014-CF-765-A, a young citizen was returning from a pizza restaurant late…

F grade

Barry Cooper Frees Minor Incarcerated For Making F On Report Card Corrupt Judge Retires

Update: After the following article was published, Tanner Passarella’s father hired Barry Cooper to help get his son released from juvenile detention. Barry secretly recorded a phone conversation with Tanner’s probation officer and posted it to YouTube. After a few weeks, Youtube took the video down. Judge Scott Johansen faced widespread criticism and calls for his…

featured image fawn and sheriff

Outlaw Deputy Sheriff Being Sued For Stealing $1 Million In legal Marijuana Trees

“Get the f**k off my hill and go back to Colorado.” Update: Christopher Heath, a sheriff’s deputy who was on the same task force that illegally raided Matt Cyr and Fawn Block, was recently arrested for trafficking 247 pounds of marijuana. Heath was released after posting bail but was soon arrested again, this time on suspicion of possession of an unlawful assault…


Be A Detective Help NeverGetBusted Free Tyler Bonillas

Written by Barry Cooper Co-author Michele R. Lomax, Esq. Haven’t we all wanted to play detective at some point in our lives? From blockbuster movies, NY Times bestsellers, that favorite episode of Law and Order? And now sadly, a week or day doesn’t seem to go by that we aren’t inundated with news of some…


NeverGetBusted helps woman reach 78k settlement

The city of Estelline is reviewing its police procedures after Hall County authorities reached a $77,500 legal settlement with an Azle woman who alleged officers illegally seized more than $29,000 from her pickup and kept $1,400 of her cash. The federal suit, filed last year by Laura Dutton, 64, alleged that the cities of Estelline…


Barry Helps Mother Regain Custody Of Her Twins From Corrupt CPS

Update: After Kathy Sayers hired the NeverGetBusted Expert Witness firm, NGB published the following story.  In the article, NeverGetBusted peacefully exposed corruption within CPS (Child Protective Services) to reunite a family.  Sayers regained custody of her twins after the publishing.  If you or a loved one are suffering from an injustice, contact Barry Cooper and…


5 Year Old Girl From Abusive CPS Returned To Her To Innocent Parents

Update: After William and Sara Rolick hired the NeverGetBusted Expert Witness firm, NGB published the following story.  In the article, NeverGetBusted peacefully exposed corruption within CPS (Child Protective Services) to reunite a family.  The Rolick’s regained custody of Stevie after the publishing.  If you or a loved one are suffering from an injustice, contact Barry Cooper and…

Mr. Wilson

“We Taught That Ni&&er A Lesson” Jamaican National Serving 30 Years In U.S. Prison For Marijuana Seeds

A NeverGetBusted Exclusive  Jamaican National Serving 30 Years In U.S. Prison For Marijuana Seeds “We Taught That Ni&&er A Lesson” Forgive the racially offensive headline as it should inflame and anger the reader and cause an outcry for the crucifixion of the reporter but the fury should instead be directed at two other parties; a…


Barry Cooper frees mother of two by tricking cops into raiding a fake marijuana grow house

Barry Cooper should know better than anyone that you don’t mess with the police. He was once a cop and a dirty one at that. But for the past three years, this former narcotics officer has been irritating the hell out of law enforcement, and he’s been steadily raising the stakes, damn the consequences. This…

Derek Chauvin who killed george floyd

Cop involved with George Floyd death used crowdfunding to pay $750K bail

Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd The cop who was involved in the killing of George Floyd and stood by watching Derek Chauvin kneel on the victims neck and suffocate him, even though the victim repeatedly advised he could not breath has raised his $750,000 bail by crowd funding. Sure sign of the Police State…

covid19 A Real Danger

Covid19 Poses A Real Danger For Addicts

The corona virus may be a man made pandemic or an explotation of an event by the Police State to push us into isolation to create a form of slavery but either way Covid19 poses a real danger for people with drug addiction. The danger is not contracting the virus, it is more to do…

barry cooper former narcotics agent documentary

Barry Cooper Documentary in Filming Stage Stay Tuned

Barry Cooper Documentary in Filming Stage – Stay Tuned. Barry Cooper discusses his recent studio experience in Australia and what’s in the works with HBO and Netflix film producer This is not the first time Barry Cooper has appeared in a documentary about the war on drugs. In the film How To Make Money Selling…

Cop punches teenage suspect on the ground

Cop Wrestles And Pins A 15year old Quadruple Amputee To The Ground

Cop Wrestles and Pins a 15-year-old Quadruple Amputee to the Ground for “causing a disturbance” at a group home in Tucson, Arizona…

Police Free Drug Testing

Police Offer Free Testing For Coronavirus Contaminated Drugs

Worried that your drugs may be contaminated with the Coronavirus? Fear not, the police are offering a drug testing service as part of their public safety program…

Two Children, Ages 6 and 8, Were Arrested at School in Orlando Florida

Children Arrested And Put In Restraints At Preschool

Children Arrested and Put In Restraints at Preschool – How do you not know this is wrong? Police Officer Dennis Turner arrests two children age 6, and then brags about it…

The Drug War

The Drug War Ruined My Block Documentary

Marc J. Victor is known as, The Attorney For Freedom. Attorney Marc J. Victor talks about the failed war on drugs from his perspective as a Criminal Defense Attorney…

Barry Cooper is currently filming a new documentary in Australia

barry cooper former narcotics agent documentary

Barry is currently filming a new documentary series about his life to be aired on one of the top streaming services.  The current production is being shot in Australia, and from the initial feedback, filming is going well. Barry sends his regards to his fans and hopes you are all safe during this hard time of the Covid19 pandemic and protests across the US.

Latest update and video from Barry on his new documentary click here

Barry Cooper - Media Apearances

Barry Cooper starred with Woody Harrelson, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Susan Sarandon in the anti - Drug War documentary "How To Make Money Selling Drugs." He also appeared as a drug and legal expert in five episodes of SPIKE Tv's reality show "Manswers."  Barry was featured on the front cover of Cannabis Culture Magazine and the Texas Observer.

He received global attention by being reported in over 2,500 newspapers and magazines including Rolling Stones, HighTimes, Progressive, and Maxim Magazines.

Barry was a weekly guest on Playboy satellite radio and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television news channels including MSNBC Tucker Carlson, FOX Geraldo At Large, ABC I Caught, NBC Mike and Juliet Morning Show and NPR's "This American Life."

More about Barry Cooper here

Barry produced a new video this year for his fans which is part of his NeverGetBusted guide, how to pass your drug test for marijuana. Read the article or watch the video if you are required to pass a court-ordered or employment drug test.

More excellent videos here

Listen to Barry's documentary featured on IRA Glass NPR

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