Ozone Machine

Ozone Therapy Is Crucial To The Success Of Your Ayahuasca Trip

Ozone Therapy is irrevocably relevant when considering tripping on Ayahuasca or Ibogaine. It's also one of the best detoxifiers known to man.

A holistic approach should be taken when serving either plant medicine. It’s important to consider the mind, body, spirit and emotions when guiding a person through any psychedelic experience.

Along with a good diet, exercise, proper rest, low stress and sunshine, Ozone Therapy is one of the best detoxifying practices in the world.

Ozone Therapy is essential when considering Ayahuasca or Ibogaine because the success of the medicine often correlates to ones physical health.

This does not mean a person must be in top physical condition for the plant medicine to work wonders. Do not gauge your physical health when deciding whether or not to use Ayahuasca. In fact, both medicines can be used to help restore poor physical health.

The United States’ health care system doesn’t use or promote Ozone therapy because it’s inexpensive and cannot be patented.

The simplest Ozone machine cost around $800 USD and the required oxygen tank runs around $150 USD. One oxygen tank provides hundreds of Ozone treatments.

Although it’s hard to trust statistics, almost every study found shows the United States ranking poorly in medical care compared to the rest of the world. In terms of quality healthcare, out of 55 countries, Bloomberg ranks the U.S. number 50 while Mexico ranks number 17.

After understanding what Ozone Therapy is and what it does, it’s easy to agree Ozone Therapy is one of the most impressive and potent detoxifiers known to man.

After reading hundreds of webpages, I found a simple and accurate way to explain the complexities of the treatment. I am including my findings in the Barry Cooper Scientific School of Ayahuasca and Ibogaine.

Ozone Therapy is the introduction of ozone into the body usually through intravenous vaginal or rectal routes. Ozone is O3 which is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms.

We all have tiny particles coursing through our bodies that are toxic and damaging. These nasty little particles are called “free radicals” and can easily be neutralized and made harmless with Ozone Therapy.

Our cells form free radicals as they go through their normal everyday functions. Other sources of free radicals are stress, inflammation, environmental toxins, ultraviolet radiation, x-ray radiation, and low magnesium levels.

Evergreennutrition.com gives a wonderful analogy when explaining free radicals:

“You can picture free radicals as red hot particles bouncing around inside a cell burning anything they come into contact with such as your DNA, cell membranes and proteins in the cytoplasm. All of this free radical damage causes our cells to weaken and malfunction.”

Free radicals are toxic atoms that are considered biochemical invaders. They are atoms with an unpaired electron, which makes them toxic, highly reactive and unstable.

Because free radicals have an unpaired electron, they will steal an electron from a neighboring molecule to stabilize itself. This thievery destabilizes the neighboring molecule and turns it into a free radical.

The result is called a free radical cascade, which is an enormous chain reaction of free radicals that quickly wreaks havoc on living tissue.

To interrupt the catastrophe, ozone eagerly donates its third oxygen atom to the free radicals. This donation satisfies the thieves by altering the their chemical structure.

Ozone turns free radicals into a stable compound such as hydrogen peroxide by giving away one of it’s atoms.

According to www.mywellnesstutor.com the top 10 benefits of ozone are:

1. Ozone strengthens your immune system

2. Ozone kills bacteria and viruses on contact

3. Ozone increases the oxygen level of your cells

4. Ozone detoxifies your body

5. Ozone reduces inflammation

6. Ozone has been known to kill HIV

7. Ozone can kill cancer cells

8. Ozone is anti-aging

9. Ozone increases energy

10. Ozone reduces acidity

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