Wilson’s Coughee Pipes

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NeverGetBusted Coughee Pipes

Only $50

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Help Mr. Wilson rebuild his life and support the NeverGetBusted Free A Prisoner Program by purchasing a “Coughee Pipe.” Hand made by the man who spent 15 years in prison for marijuana seeds. Pay the suggested price of $50.00 or donate extra by naming your own price.

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Product Description

Before being deported to Jamaica, Mr. Wilson served 15 years of a 30 years prison sentence for marijuana seeds.  He was recently released due to the efforts of NeverGetBusted Free A Prisoner Program. While in prison, NeverGetBusted and Mr. Wilson formulated a plan to help him rebuild his life and free more prisoners.  During his incarceration, Mr. Wilson earned a psychology degree and became a master ceramic artist.  Using the talents he learned in prison,  we are partnering with Mr. Wilson to produce and sell 500 “NeverGetBusted Coughee Pipes.”  Exactly 50% of all profits will go to Mr. Wilson and the other 50% will go to the NeverGetBusted Free a Prisoner Program.  We are only offering 500 Coughee Pipes. You can view the full story and Mr. Wilson’s first interview here.  

Each Coughee Pipe is hand made in Jamaica and the bottom of each unit is personally engraved with Wilson’s name and inmate number. So, while you are enjoying your coughee and coffee in the morning, you will feel the warmth of the beverage, the warmth of the smoke and the warmth of knowing you freed more cannabis prisoners.

Each Coughee Pipe Mr. Wilson produces reminds him of the NeverGetBusted fans who donated to get him out of prison. He takes pride in shipping you his product and guarantees you will be 100% satisfied.  Coughee Pipes are heavy, solid and hard to break and it’s design will not allow any cross-contamination of the smoke and liquid.  All Coughee Pipes are dishwasher safe.  Order yours now. Only 500 units available.


Each unit is individually shipped from Mr. Wilson’s home in Jamaica.  NeverGetBusted usually provides free shipping but since we need all the money we can get to free more prisoner, we are asking our supporters to pay $6.00 for shipping.  So, the total cost is $56.oo.  We wanted you to know up front.

This is a pre order

Mr. Wilson will have all 500 units ready to ship April 12, 2014 so your order will arrive just in time for 4/20.  Pre order sales profits will be forwarded to Mr. Wilson so he can relax as he produces the Coughy Pipes.  Your pre order is backed with the NeverGetBusted guarantee  and the fact that in 2006, NeverGetBusted received over 5,000 pre orders for the Traffic Stops DVD and delivered every single order!

Because each unit is handmade, differences between your product and the product pictured may arise.

Meet Mr. Wilson, the maker of your Coughee Cup




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