NeverGetBusted Protection Program Membership

NeverGetBusted Police Protection Membership


A NeverGetBusted Membership places Law Lecturer, Expert Witness, and Case Consultant, Barry Cooper, at your fingertips. Instead of paying the usual expert witness and/or case fees that range from $500 to $5000, for only $12.00 per month, you are covered. You have the option to prepay for one year and can also purchase a Lifetime Membership for $500. As America’s number one KopBuster, Barry Cooper is a vital member to have on your legal team.


Barry has consulted citizens just like you on hundreds of cases. His winning record and ability to free his clients can be verified with a long list of client/attorney references.  See Barry’s Credentials Here


As a NeverGetBusted Member, if you are arrested, Barry Cooper recommends you contact him first and he will provide the following services:


1.  Work closely with a family member to arrange your bond.

2.  Telephone conference with you to get the full details of your arrest.

3.  Assist you in choosing the right lawyer.

4.  Conduct strategy plans with your lawyer and insure your lawyer is filing the proper papers on your behalf.

4.  File Open Records Requests to obtain the videos and police reports of your arrest.

5.  Barry will examine the Discovery (all the evidence) and highlight mistakes the police made during your arrest

6.  If proper, Barry will help you choose a lawyer to sue the police or take you step by step through the process of suing the police Pro-Se (as your own lawyer.)

7.  If your arrest is egregious, Barry will have your story published to give it the attention it deserves.

8.  Barry will teach you every court trick you need to go free.

9. You may cancel your subscription at anytime.


As a NeverGetBusted member, if you are not arrested, Barry will communicate with you through email, arrange a phone call, and examine your police encounter for possible litigation.  Many non-arrest encounters with police are abusive and Barry will help you aggressively sue the officer(s) involved.


“I was falsely arrested by Officer Jermaine J. Persaud of the Howard County Police department. After watching the NeverGetBusted series, I realized if anyone could help me seek justice, it’s Barry Cooper. As I suspected, Barry was very willing to help and seemed to genuinely care about my case and my civil rights. I took Barry’s advice and filed a law suit,”pro-Se” (I represented myself.) I even discovered a waiver that qualified me for filing the suit at no charge. I stayed in contact Barry throughout the suit and in 2010 I was awarded $3000 from Howard County. After my success with Barry, I noticed the Police stopped harassing me. Thanks Barry.”Patrick W. Upman Columbia, Maryland


“After being tasered, I sent Barry a copy of the video to see if my civil rights had indeed been violated. Barry swiftly got back to me and confirmed the officer’s unacceptable actions. Under Barry’s direction, I filed a lawsuit and was recently awarded $25,000. Thanks Barry.” –Dustin, Sulphur Springs,Texas


I’m out of prison and home with my children because of Barry’s expert advise and maneuvers.”– Yolanda Madden, Odessa, Texas


“My friend and I were arrested in Arizona for 50 lbs of marijuana.  Our lawyers wanted us to plea but after hiring Barry Cooper, he reviewed the evidence and found a big legal error.  We are both free with no conviction or plea deal.  Thanks Barry.”—Name Withheld


I made an “F” on my report card and was sentenced to one year in juvenile jail. My father hired Barry Cooper who secretly recorded the probation officer and placed it on Youtube.  This triggered media reports and I was released. The judge was forced to resign.  I’m back home with my dad now.” –Tanner Pasarella


You are only one click away from having the protection you deserve.  Become a NeverGetBusted Member and have the top police corruption Expert Witness, Barry Cooper, at your fingertips and on your legal team.


This Protection Plan does not cover arrests prior to the purchase of the plan.  If you have already been arrested, this plan will not cover you.  If you have already been arrested, Consult With Barry Here.

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