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During drug investigations and traffic stops, my extensive study of the FBI polygraph manual helped me detect when a person was lying or telling the truth.  Each person I arrested for contraband committed one or more of the following indicators of deception.   I hope these tips help you NeverGetBusted.

Police look for these top three indicators of deception when interviewing citizens:

1. Hand-To-Head Contact–For some reason when a human is being deceptive, they will touch their hand to their head.  It may only be the wipe of a brow, a scratch of the nose, a pull of the ear, a hat adjustment or lighting a cigarette but all of these movements indicate deception. I once used this tactic against a police officer during a federal court deposition. The officer scratched his head when answering a question so I knew he was lying.  This knowledge allowed me to continue a line of questioning that eventually trapped him.

2. Grooming–Although most grooming is considered hand-to-head, this is the number one indicator of deception. If your teenager or significant other is brushing his/her hair or applying makeup while answering troubling questions, there is deception in the air. I’ve found this to be true 100% of the time. Never groom yourself in front of a kop.

3. Repeating The Question–If a kop asks “Where are you going?” and your reply is “Where am I going?” She knows you are being deceptive.  Repeating a question happens when a person is stalling for time to develop a lie.  Always have your story practiced when traveling with your stash so you don’t have to invent a lie on the spot.

Taken from NeverGetBusted Volume 1: Traffic Stops

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  1. James on January 20, 2015 at 2:26 am

    I have been on county probation in Philadelphia PA for a misdemeanor possession charge from three years ago. I have a PO that has been riding me nonstop, all due to the fact that my father served in Vietnam, she is Oriental, name being most certainly Vietnamese. He wears his mia/kia not forgotten Vietnam 1968 shirts regularly. The last time I was violated and sent back to prison she said,” This is what happens when you don’t do what I say!” After 10 days a judge released me. I had my hearing before my sentencing judge shortly thereafter. My PO was not there and afterwards I was told by the judge to do as she says! I am not politically connected, nor do I have the financial ability to hire a lawyer. I fear bringing this issue to the attention of her supervisor, honestly who are they going to believe and then I might really face serious repercussions. I am a father of 3year old twin girls and help take care of my disabled father, it would be an extreme hardship for my family should I be sent back to prison as she is saying she will do if I give her another dirty urine. She has only been back for a couple of weeks, she was on paternity leave. I have given a clean urine the first time I see her since she has been back! My last urine was also clean! I gave a single dirty urine since she has been back! I put myself in treatment and have not violated my probation in any other way! I read that you care and help people, well sir,l need HELP! Went can I do? I have not even touched the half of what she has done to me and my family. Nobody in my family has been to prison other than myself, they don’t deserve this!
    Sincerely, a man with a family