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For Now Better to Husk Corn Than Marijuana

While it seems that some of Colorado’s liberal marijuana possession laws have rubbed off on The Corn Husker State, the jury is still out as to whether or not they will fully decriminalize marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use.

Conditional Release for First time Offenders

Nebraska has a level of decriminalization whereby there is no jail time for 1st time offenders possessing less than 1 oz. although it does carry a fine of $300. The state also uses conditional release, also known as diversion sentencing, which is used for people facing their 1st prosecutions. This allows an offender to opt for probation rather than a trial. Once probation has been successfully completed there is no criminal record of the original charge.

That said, if you’re caught with intent to sell (any amount), you’ll be slapped with mandatory, minimum sentence of 1 year and up to 20 years, with a $25,000 fine!  As with numerous other draconian Marijuana laws, a mandatory minimum sentence (MMS) of a federal offense puts the judge in a place of having no power to reduce the sentence and you will not be eligible for parole. Being a drug dealer of Marijuana, in the Cornhusker State – is not a smart business and the risk of ending up in the slammer for a long time, is high.

Possession of Hash and Concentrates is a felony, yet possession of paraphernalia will not result in jail time but will incur a $100 – $300 fine depending on if you’ve been caught before.

Nebraska Marijuana Laws SummaryFrom Cornfields to Weed Fields

Nebraska is known to many for its endless acres of corn and The Corn Palace, a corn themed building with murals and other novelties crafted from corn cobs. In an interesting move Nebraska has recently replaced many acres of corn with Marijuana in their thriving and legislated hemp (and research) industry.

While it may be too soon to predict whether or not Nebraska will exchange its current nickname, The Cornhusker State, to The Budtender State, or if The Corn Palace will get a makeover and become The Cannabis Palace, only time will tell.

How Does Your State Compare to Nebraska?

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