Map of Louisiana Marijuana LawsThe Bayou State Might Have You Sing’in The Blues

Louisiana is a crazy cool place and they also have some crazy yet not so cool marijuana laws.

For starters marijuana is a schedule C hallucinogenic substance under the laws of Louisiana.  Possession of less than 60lbs (yes, you read that number right) if it’s your first offense is punishable by up to 6 months in the slammer and a max fine of up to $500.  What?  60lbs?  That’s a large amount of marijuana folks.

Under 60 is safe

There is no penalty i.e. a misdemeanor or felony for anything under 60lbs.  If it’s less than 60lbs and it’s a second offense, you are looking at up to 5 years in jail and a $2,500 fine.  The third time is a charm as they say and now it’s up to 20 years in jail and a $5,000 fine.  The weird thing about this law is that you can get caught with a  joint (as it’s under the 60lb ruling) or you can get caught with 40lbs stuffed in your suitcase and potentially be in the same amount of trouble.

MMS is a must … and no parole!

Anything over 60lbs and the MMS rule kicks in.  *Mandatory Minimum Sentence (MMS) – If convicted of a crime that is punishable by a MMS, the judge must sentence you to the mandatory minimum sentence, or longer!  Unfortunately in these situations, the judge has no power to sentence you to less time than the MMS and you will not be eligible for parole.  To put this into perspective, even peaceful marijuana smokers sentenced to “life MMS” must serve a life sentence.

60 to 2,000lbs is a felony, an mms of 5 years – up to 30 with a fine of $100,000.  2,000-10,000lbs is a felony, an mms of 10 years – up to 40 with a max fine of $400,000.  More than 10,000lbs is a felony, an mms of 25 years – up to 40 and a max fine up to $400,000.

Ready for community service?

Louisiana Marijuana Laws SummaryOne cool thing (as if getting busted is ever cool,) is first and second offenders may be eligible for probation.  Probation includes 32 hours of “gator wrastlin” and a substance abuse program.  Ok, substitute “gator wrastlin” for community service but I think wrestling a gator would be more fun.

The penalties for hashish and concentrates are the same as for marijuana.

As if things weren’t bad enough the distribution and cultivation side gets even hairier.  Any amount (first offense) on the distribution or cultivation side is an mms of 5 years – up to 30 and a $50,000 fine.  There is no misdemeanor or felony associated with it but who cares because you’re going to jail for a minimum of 5 years.  Second offenders of any amount is an mms of 10 years – up to 60 years and a fine of $100,000.

Don’t sell to minors!

Get caught selling to a minor and its 45-90 years in prison (you better hope you are young) and a $75,000 fine.

Some odd rulings are as follows:

  1. Possession, cultivation or distribution within 2000 feet of a drug free zone (doesn’t it seem like the whole state is a “drug free zone” with these rules?) is punishable by 1.5 times the maximum sentence.
  2. Conviction of any crime involving controlled substances results in the denial of your driving privileges for not less than days and up to 1 year.

Louisiana is casting its net far and wide my friends.  It’s definitely a state that we recommend you “never get busted in.”

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