Map of Illinois Marijuana LawsThe Prairie State Isn’t That Green

With a whopping 34 ailments on their ‘qualifying conditions’ list, Illinois is keeping a tight grasp on their rep as trendsetter for the Midwest. But pump those brakes kid, the laws aren’t exactly legit. Although signed, Illinois does not have any programs up and running to support them. Meaning, my fiendish red-eyed friend, there are no state dispensaries in operation. Considering you must register with the state to, ahem, dispense marijuana, the only 100% safe option left is a home grown one… except that’s totally not legal in Illinois.

So, person who is legally allowed to have 2.5 ounces on them for medical purposes, where you get that cannabis is going to be subject to question.

And heaven forbid you have 2 ounces on you – jail time can be assigned for up to 30 days if you have 2.5 grams or less on your person. (For those not into do-it-yourself meth labs or casual baking, a gram is equal to about 0.04 ounces). Don’t get caught selling either, you’ll get a year in the slammer for moving as little as 2.5 grams.  If you’ve got 10 grams and above, you’re subject to Illinois’ minimum mandatory sentencing laws which range from an mms of 1 year at 10 – 30 grams and an mms of 6 years if you are busted selling more than 5000 grams.

Illinois Marijuana Laws SummaryWhat is a minimum mandatory sentence you might ask?  An ‘MMS’ means there is a minimum sentence that you WILL BE serving time for.  For instance the sentencing might be between 3-20 years but the ‘mms’ will be 3 years.  This means the judge must sentence you to the mandatory minimum sentence or higher.  The judge has no power to sentence the defendant to less time than the mms.  Also to make matters even worse, this usually means any prisoner serving for an mms will not be eligible for parole.  Pretty scary and archaic if you ask us.

Don’t forget about the fines!  Fines range anywhere from $25,000 on up to $200,000 which compared to some states is actually quite low.

It is interesting to note that if you sell to a minor (which you should not do anyway) you are subject to an MMS of at least 2 years. If you sell to a pregnant woman the sentencing bumps up to a minimum of 3 years.

But wait, there’s more! Illinois has a conditional release for first time offenders. You can usually trade in a trial for probation and if you complete it without a hitch it won’t go on your criminal record. Pizza party here we come!

In conclusion, Chicago is not a state we recommend trying you luck in.  If you decide to use, we definitely recommend keeping it under 2.5 grams but even then you are looking at jail time if you’re caught!

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