Map of Florida Marijuana Laws

 The Sunshine State Is Not Bright For MJ!

The Sunshine State has a less than sunny disposition about marijuana for medical or recreational use. It’s illegal to possess, sell, cultivate, distribute, or deliver marijuana, hash & concentrates. No exceptions, it’s all illegal.

How Soon Until Legal Medical Use?

Currently, widespread medical marijuana use throughout Florida is unlawful, but Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is allowed only for patients who medically qualify.The qualifications list for CBD use is quite short, including cancer, muscle spasms, and seizures. CBD is a cannabis strain that has medical effects, but doesn’t have the same effects of THC. Florida patients are allowed to use cannabis strains containing 10% or more of CBD, but no more than eight-tenths of 1% of THC.

Fines & Jail Time

Possessing 20 grams (7/10 of an ounce) or less can have you facing a misdemeanor charge, 1 year of jail time, and/or a fine up to $1,000. Having anything greater than 20 grams in your possession, including marijuana plants, can leave you will a felony charge, 5 – 15 years behind bars, and thousands of dollars in fines (up to $10,000).

Florida Marijuana Laws SummaryUnlike other states, who might give first time offenders a bit of a break, Florida is an “all or nothing” kind of state. Doesn’t matter if you are taking the risk as a first time offender or a subsequent offender. If you get caught, you will be fined, charged, and do the time.

Possessing, selling, or delivering hash will get you in more trouble than it’s worth, particularly if you are caught within 1,000 feet of a park, educational institute, place of worship, and a handful of other places. Any amount, within these specific areas, will have you facing an automatic 15 years behind bars. It’s not even close to worth it.

Based on penalties, it’s clear that Florida isn’t going to warm up to recreational use anytime soon. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, might become legal in Florida sooner than later, but in the meantime, don’t self diagnose or self medicate.

MMS Law in Florida

When someone is convicted of a punishable offense by the Mandatory Minimum Sentence (MMS), the judge has no choice but to sentence the defendant (yes, even the friendly and peaceful pot smokers) to the MMS.  Individuals who serve a MMS are not eligible for parole. In Florida, the MMS for the sale of marijuana (in lbs. or plants) can range from 3 to 15 years, depending on the amount.

Taking the risk of selling isn’t worth it.  Florida is strict and there are no exemptions to the MMS Law.

The Bottom Line

Florida is making an effort to help Florida residents suffering from medical conditions, but the list falls short and the rules of use can be confusing. If you needed more reason (other than fines and possible jail time) to avoid a marijuana use conviction, there’s the possibility of losing your driver’s license. Getting caught can be expensive.  Save your money and travel (or even live) someplace else.

Where to find a Marijuana Lawyer in Florida

Start with prevention. Inform yourself about the Marijuana law in your state and in Florida. Laws are different from state to state. So you will have no excuse for not knowing this. If you were caught and in need of a Lawyer, you can consult our Lawyers list to find one in your area.

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