Arizona Marijuana Laws

The Grand Canyon State is Small with Marijuana

Medical marijuana is legal in Arizona but the non-medical possession, use and/or cultivation of marijuana is still punished very severely. In fact, Arizona’s sentencing guidelines for marijuana offenses are some of the harshest in the country.

Harsh Sentencing for All Offenses

Arizona utilizes harsh sentencing across the board for possession, sale and cultivation in any amount. Caught with anything less than two pounds for personal use? That’s going to get you an all expense paid trip to jail for at least four months and up to two years if the judge is having a bad day. Get caught selling any amount of marijuana? You better just stop reading this article, click the “Notify Barry” button to your right and call a lawyer right now.

But Medical Marijuana is Legal, Right?

Yes, officially medical marijuana is legal in Arizona. Regardless of medical marijuana’s legalization, however, it is regulated much more closely than states like California where medical marijuana cards are relatively easy to get.

In Arizona medical marijuana can only be prescribed to and legally used by those with one of a handful of  state defined “debilitating medical conditions” including HIV, AIDS, glaucoma and cancer, amongst others. Arizona Marijuana Laws SummaryThis list is growing each year and if you feel you have a debilitating condition not currently listed you can petition to have your condition added.  You can get more information on petitioning to have your condition added here.

The Bottom Line

If you are hitting the road and heading to The Grand Canyon State you will definitely want to bring your sunscreen but you might want to leave your stash at home. If you live in this mecca for retired escapees from states with much colder winters, you should try your hand at getting a medical marijuana card or risk facing some of the country’s harshest marijuana sentencing laws, if you get busted there.

Hiring an Arizona Marijuana Lawyer

If you got caught in Arizona, you will definitely need a Marijuana Lawyer. You also need to know that what might be considered as a misdemeanor in your state, could be considered a felony in another. Therefore, you need to educate yourself on the laws in different states. To find out a Marijuana Lawyer in Arizona, check out our lawyer directory.

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