Alaska Marijuana LawsThe Last Frontier Is Actually Civilized!

In February of 2015  Alaska passed Ballot Measure 2 and  became the 3rd state in the U.S.A to end the prohibition of marijuana, nice work Alaska!

Following the trail blazed before them by Washington and Colorado, the good folks of Alaska can now consume and cultivate marijuana without fear, or without too much fear anyway, of being fined or imprisoned.

While it is true that marijuana has been decriminalized in Alaska by no means is it a free for all, and what and how certain details of the bill play out are yet to be determined.

Alaska Marijuana Decriminalization Revisited

While the initial version of the bill decriminalizing marijuana in Alaska removed it from the list of controlled substances, the most recent version of the bill places marijuana back on to this list.

There are currently numerous reasons cited by both critics and supporters of re-classifying marijuana as a controlled substance, but the most ominous comes from Alaska state senate member Anna MacKinnon. MacKinnon is very clear in reminding Alaska residents that no matter how decriminalized marijuana becomes on a state level, you better believe our friends at the Federal Government still say it’s illegal. Keeping marijuana on the controlled substances list, she asserts, is meant to serve as a constant reminder of this reality: “No matter what Alaska does, it’s going to be a controlled substance,” MacKinnon said.

It’s important to remember that marijuana decriminalization does not mean you should be reckless, even in states where both medical and recreational marijuana has been legalized there are still regulations and laws that can get you in major trouble if you do not oblige by them.

Alaska Marijuana Laws SummaryIn Alaska all laws not changed or eliminated by the current bill remain unchanged and many of these remaining offenses were and remain felonies. Here are a few of these laws still on the books that can get you some serious prison time and/or a hefty fine:

Felony Offenses

  • Possessing 1 pound or more
  • Possessing 25 plants or more
  • Giving  marijuana to someone under 21 years old twice in five years

Class A misdemeanors

  • Transporting more than 1 ounce or six plants
  • Possessing less than 16 but more than 3 ounces
  • Delivering pot to someone under 21 years old
  • Delivering marijuana for payment
  • Manufacturing marijuana concentrate using a “volatile or explosive gas.”

Finding an Alaska Drug Lawyer

If you have drugs problems in Alaska, most likely you will need a Drug Lawyer. You should also be aware of the specific laws in your state. The laws on Marijuana are different for each state, hence what is considered to be a misdemeanor in one state, may be cosndered a felony in another one. If you need a Drug Lawyer in Alaska, check out our lawyer directory to find a drug lawyer in your area.

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