Map of Alabama Marijuana LawsNOT “Sweet Home Alabama”!

With some of the harshest marijuana laws in the United States, Alabama, aka The Yellow Hammer State, may just as well be nicknamed The Wooden Gavel State because that’s what’s going to be slamming down if you get busted here.

If you do insist on smoking in Alabama whatever you do stay away from the hash. Getting caught with any amount of hash can land you in the slammer for 1 day to 20 years, those odds are not good at all my friends.  First time “personal use” offenders are charged with possession in the Second Degree. This is a misdemeanor with a max jail time of 1 year.  This can be suspended with probation and a max fine of $6,000.

Selling any amount of marijuana will send you to jail!

Another thing to consider while in Alabama are the extremely serious sentences for the sale of marijuana in any amount. Get caught selling a gram? You are looking at a minimum 2 year sentence. If this happens within three miles of a school or public housing project you can make that a minimum of five years, and selling to a minor, which you should never do regardless, will get you 10 years to life in the big house.

What is the MMS law in Alabama?

When someone is convicted of an offense punishable by the MMS, the judge MUST sentence the defendant to the mandatory minimum sentence or to a higher sentence!  On top of this a person serving a mandatory minimum sentence is not eligible for parole.  Ouch.  So to put this into perspective, even peaceful marijuana smokers sentenced to “life MMS” must serve a life sentence.  And don’t forget, there is no chance of parole.

Alabama Marijuana Laws SummaryOn the trafficking side it is MMS across the board.  2.2 lbs  – 100lbs is a felony, a 3 year mms and a fine of $25,000.  100 – 500lbs is a felony, a 5 year mms and a $50,000 fine.  500 – 1000 lbs is a felony, an mms of 15 years and a max fine of up to $200,000.

Possession of hash and concentrates is a felony

Hash and concentrates are a crapshoot in Alabama as well.  Possession of hash or concentrates is a felony, punishable by 1 day up to 10 years in prison.  This is pretty insane if you ask us.  If you get busted manufacturing hash or concentrates it is also a felony with a jail time of 2 – 20 years and a max fine of $30,000.

Paraphernalia is treated just as crazy as well.  If you get caught selling paraphernalia to a minor you are slapped with a felony, 2 – 20 years in prison and a max fine of $30,000.

Don’t get busted in the Heart of Dixie

Knowing all of the above, The line in the sand in Alabama is “don’t smoke marijuana here,” and if you decide to smoke,“don’t get caught!”

With all due respect to the fine folks of this state, the lyrics “Sweet Home Alabama” definitely do not apply if you get busted here in the Heart of Dixie.

Hiring an Alabama Lawyer

If you are considering hiring a lawyer in Alabama and you have the resources it is always a good idea to do so, and especially true in felony cases. It is also important to understand the above legal information and specific laws in your state. State laws vary greatly and what may be a petty misdemeanor or totally legal in one state may carry serious consequences in another. If you are looking for a lawyer in Alabama, go ahead and check out our lawyer directory to find a criminal lawyer in your area.

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