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NeverGetBusted Arrest Insurance places Law Lecturer, Criminal Defense Expert, and respected activist , Barry Cooper, at your fingertips.  Barry has successfully served hundreds of clients. Cops always make mistakes.


The NeverGetBusted team will email you a note along with your Lifetime Arrest Insurance Certificate that puts Barry Cooper in your corner and on your defense team in the unfortunate circumstance of an arrest.

If you get in a jam, The NeverGetBusted Expert Witness Firm and Barry Cooper will fight for you.

The U.S. now has the largest prison population in the history of mankind and currently holds the world record for the number of incarcerations, proportionately and numerically. The United States has more prisoners than communist China and China has one billion more in population.  Depending solely on a lawyer for your freedom is a sure ticket to imprisonment.  Over two million people are presently incarcerated and they all had lawyers.  So, having only a lawyer did not work at least two million times.   For instance, the absolute fastest way to go to prison unnecessarily is to fall into the sucker's trap of plea bargaining a defensible case for deferred adjudication or probation. Over 50% of humans placed on deferred or probation wind up in prison. Deferred and probation should be one of the last resorts to resolve your case – not the first.  It is vital to have Barry examine all the evidence and filings of your case to insure your lawyer is not selling you out.

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This is what you get:

1.  Barry will work closely with a designated family member or friend  to arrange your bond and get you out of jail.

2.  Unlimited and private telephone conferences with Barry discussing case strategies and evidence issues.

3.  Barry will assist you in choosing the right lawyer or obtaining a really good public defender.

4.  Barry will conduct strategy plans with your lawyer and NGB attorneys will insure your lawyer is filing the proper papers on your behalf.

4.  If necessary, Barry will file Open Records Requests to obtain the videos and police reports of your arrest.

5.  Barry will examine the Discovery (all the evidence) and highlight mistakes the police made during your arrest

6.  If proper, Barry will help you choose a lawyer to sue the police or take you step by step through the process of suing the police Pro-Se (as your own lawyer.)

7.  If your arrest is egregious, Barry will have your story published to give it the attention it deserves.

8.  Barry will teach you every court trick you need to go free and will remain in your corner throughout the entirety of your case.



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