cop crisis

May 5, 2015

That title sounds unbelievable right? Let's do the math. There are 24 hours in a day and the statistic claims that a citizen is killed every 8 hours. That is 3 people killed each day. We are 125 days into the year. When you multiply 3 people a day by 125 days it equals 375. That is just shy of the recorded deaths this year which has reached 400 today. According to this math the statistic that a citizen is killed by a cop every 8 hours is an under estimation.

As a way to promote awareness of the severity of police misconduct, Cop Crisis has created a website that uses awesome visualizations to bring these statistics to life and make them easy to share on social networks. The site has no ads and it doesn't sell anything, just straight facts. Stay tuned because Cop Crisis has a lot planned for the coming weeks to expand the statistics and visuals.