Ibogaine Treatment vs Ayahuasca Retreat

9 things to compare Ibogaine and Ayahuasca
These healers both phenomenal, yet there are many stark differences between the two.

Just as a mother and father are both parents, each of them provides different needs for their children.

It’s important to never consider one plant better or more powerful than the other.

Both medicines produce unique effects and advancements in healing are pronounced when their differences are understood.

TripToWellness delivers that advanced healing by helping our clients choose the correct plant at the right time so they can become the best version of themselves possible. We are in the game to bring the price down and help as many as we can. It can be hard to find affordable treatment. Let us know how we can help you get treatment.

Comparison of Ibogaine and Ayahuasca.

Ibogaine Treatment

  1. Experience is often all night intense dreaming.
  2. Eliminates withdrawals from drug addictions.
  3. Can feel harsh and unhappy.
  4. Requires some medical monitoring.
  5. Comes from Africa.
  6. Has one tenth the effect of Ayahuasca
  7. There is usually no purging. When there is it is mild.
  8. Derived from up to 24 different plants.
  9. Treatment does a physical reset of the brain’s pleasure centers.
  10. The full experience in one or two doses.
  11. Generally, costs more to experience than Ayahuasca. It requires medical personnel to ensure perfect safety.

Ayahuasca Retreat

  1. Experience is often described as visiting other realms.
  2. Can help treat drug addiction but does not eliminate withdrawals.
  3. Trips feel enlightening and astounding.
  4. Experiences requires a sitter.
  5. Comes from Brazil and Peru.
  6. Has ten times the effect of Ibogaine .
  7. Can cause chronic vomiting and diarrhea throughout the trip.
  8. Derived from two or more plants.
  9. There is no evidence to show that a retreat has any physical healing effects.
  10. It takes at least four or more Ayu doses to get the full experience.
  11. Bery affordable.

When is Ibogaine the better choice over Ayahuasca?

When the desire of the client is to end a craving or addiction of any type,  the choice is clear. Performs an actual physical reset of the brain’s pleasure centers to the pre addictive state.  No other plant or chemical shares this same gift.

If the goal is to soothe, calm and restore coding damage caused by abuse, trauma and painful experiences, Ayahuasca wins the gold medal.  Taking it is like attending ten years of psychotherapy but it actually works. Addictions are caused by traumas, abuse and painful experiences. It is recommended to fill the pleasure center first then return a a few months to receive phsycotheuraputic benefits.

Why should I go on an Ayahuasca retreat Instead of receiving Ibogaine treatment?

I hear this question all the time. It’s really a choice of what your brain, body, and soul need. Unfortunately many choose Ayahuasca only because it is more affordable. Please do not make your decision based on price alone. We understand it needs to be a factor. Please remember these are very different medicines for different purposes.

Both can give you tremendous insights on your work, your relationships, and your happiness. Your life as a whole can be changed, but these medicines do it differently. Many find that Ibogaine feels totally inside yourself. Changing the way your brain perceives the world. Well, Ayahuasca is many times and outward journey. Who you are in relation to your connection to the world around you. It is an odd distinction to describe. Even those of us that have tried both have a difficult expressing the difference correctly. We recommend going with your gut feeling on which one is going to be what you need.  

Even though we really believe that one is not better than the other and there is no right choice. Once you have all the information your brain needs the choice should be very clear.

leaf with water on it. In focus

How strong is Ibogaine?

I believe in using both to serve the needs of the individual with specialized treatment. For Instance, it tops the charts in terms of its healing qualities. It is not a hard tripping psychedelic like many have reported. You are much more likely to experience something very trippy with Ayahuasca.

You read that correctly. Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, Ayahuasca and many others have “stronger” psychedelic effects.

Flood Dose

During treatment all of our clients, including myself experience a dream-like state. Commonly, this is referred to as the awakened dream state. Constant visions, slow motor skills and non-stop thinking.

Rarely clients fall asleep and remember very little. Even when this happens it continues to work in the system. It is easy to feel that it is still working in your brain and body.

For the few days after treatment, you feel tired. It really feels like you have had surgery on your mind and body all at once. It is also common to see blue streaks of light sometimes for weeks after. This is a non issue side effect of the psychoactive metabolite.

Polo Santo sage in bundle.

Micro dosing and other types of Treatment

Contrary to popular belief there are more ways than one to take plant medicines correctly. Flood doses are not always the best option. Many studies show small doses can have very powerful effects on a wide range of physical ailments.

This treatment can be very helpful for those unfit for a flood dose. These people are still able to experience many of the desired mental and physical effects of Ibogaine treatment in a safe way.

Micro doses leave the user feeling confident, reassured and thinking clearly. All fantastic effects that can play a big huge role in becoming the best version of yourself.

There are many different options when it comes to quality and type. I only use 98%+ pure HCL. We have found it works best for the healing effects we want to see.

What is Noribogaine?

Noribogaine is a potent serotonin re-uptake inhibitor. Produced by your body when Ibogaine is passed through the liver and over time released into the body little-by-little. We believe based on the most recent medical evidence that it is still released for up to two months after dosing. However many that have taken the medicine report feeling the effects six to nine months later.

Though reports of Noribogaine effects are mixed there are a few things we know for sure. Noribogaine is a very strong antidepressant and helps regulate many body functions. People are often surprised to build muscle faster, have very clear skin, and a strong sex drive. These things combine often give people a superman complex, making them feel like they can conquer the world and help everyone.

What is Ibogaine HCL?

Ibogaine Hydrochloride (HCL) is how the alkaloid is changed to be easier for your body to be consumed. 98% is simply what pharma considers the high purity of alkaloid.

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