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Dear Client,


Thank you for choosing us to end your addiction and to help you become the best version of yourself possible. This trip is like no other and will change your life forever. Our sole purpose is to cure our clients of addictions, alcoholism, alcohol cravings, depression and PTSD. We offer doctor-supervised, out-patient Ibogaine treatments in three locations:  Mexico, Cambodia, and Thailand.


First, you may continue safely dosing with whatever drug you are addicted to. Upon arrival, our doctors will prescribe the proper medications to ensure you do not suffer withdrawals. We will not allow you to become "dope sick."


We understand some clients have concerns about the legitimacy and integrity of Ibogaine treatment centers because there are many "rip-off” clinics out there. We assure you that Mia’s Ibogaine Clinic is not one of those. I am Barry Cooper's wife and graduated with honors as a Registered Nurse. Barry and I are both drug addiction specialists who are very passionate about restoring the lives of our clients and ending the torment caused by their addiction.


Here is my husband's latest national television interview discussing ending the Drug War and us treating drug addicts with Ibogaine:


Our treatment protocol is unique from most Ibogaine treatment centers. Most Ibogaine treatment centers administer Ibogaine without first treating their clients with doctors who specialize in detoxifying their clients. Prior to the administration of Ibogaine, all of our clients undergo extensive detoxification through treatments such as, chelation, multi-vitamin drips, colonics, ozone therapy, and any other detox treatments recommended by our doctors.


For three years, Barry and I have been working with the Holistic Bio Spa  owned by Dr. Ames, M.D. and Dr. Zoli M.D. Their clinic maintains a 5-Star rating with an impeccable reputation and they will confirm we have never had a client experience the grueling and sometimes fatal withdrawal symptoms that normally occurs when detoxifying from a drugs.


Everybody has their own opinion about drug addiction but the new science proves there is a cure. Yes, the addict chose to use a drug thinking they could control it. Instead the drug began to control them. This is not because they were a weak person. It is because of their past and current traumas. My Ibogaine treatment center is the answer.


As a drug addiction specialist, all the addicts I have treated are morally good persons and  above average in intelligence. They simply miscalculated their drug use. Unfortunately, they did not realize drugs and trauma were the recipe for their addiction.


This letter is in loving memory of every family member and friend who lost their battle with addiction and are no longer with us. Remember, there is a cure. I specialize in the treatment of drug addictions with Ibogaine.


To discuss your cure, call or email me:


[email protected]


Best Regards,

Mia Madrid Cooper/Addiction Specialist and Treatment Center Owner


Package 1: Ten Day Ibogaine Treatment For Addiction

Never Get Busted


Your ten-day addiction treatment itinerary looks similar to PACKAGE TWO except you will spend more time at our partnered holistic spa. Our doctors will provide a series of holistic detox treatments prior to your Ibogaine dose. Call us for your custom ten-day addiction treatment details. 

Package 2: Five Day Ibogaine Treatment For PTSD

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PTSD, depression, and alcohol cravings can be successfully treated in a five-day vacation that includes one dose of Ibogaine. Ibogaine “magically” performs a physical reset of the brain's damaged “coding.” Immediately following the treatment, you will no longer suffer from sadness, cravings or suicidal, fearful, and negative thoughts. This is what your five-day Ibogaine treatment looks like:

Day 1: Arrival

We will pick you up at the airport and provide a cell phone that contains our 24-hour contact number. You will then be transported to your hotel/condo. You will use this day to decompress from your flight. Rest on the beach or in your room and get ready for your life to change. You deserve it.

Day 2: Medical Checkup by our medical doctor

We will transport you from your condo to our partnered holistic spa to receive a full medical check-up by our medical doctors.

Day 3: Administering of Ibogaine

Our Ibogaine expert and doctor will arrive at your hotel/condo to flood dose you with approximately 1 gram of Ibogaine HCL. First, a small "tester dose" of Ibogaine will be dissolved in juice for you to drink. If you have no allergic reactions you will be given the flood dose of Ibogaine. The Ibogaine will cause you to loop dream for 6 to 12 hours. You will be fully conscious or asleep during your trip. Mild visual distortions may be experienced.

Day 4: Rest and Reflect

All of your systems will be reset to pre-PTSD/Depression state and you will no longer have any cravings. You will use this day to sleep, rest, and relax in your room because you will want to reflect on your experience.

Day 5: Extend your stay or fly home and enjoy your new life

Every client we treat either extends their stay or wishes they could. If you do not extend your stay, we will transport you back to the airport to catch your flight. Enjoy your new life!

(You will have three life coaching sessions with Barry Cooper throughout your treatment.)

Ibogaine is a plant considered a psychedelic that can cure addiction. American drug rehabs who profit billions of dollars each year continue to claim there is no cure for addiction. The eternal damning phrase, “Once an addict, always an addict” is not true. There is a cure for addiction.


Ibogaine is a plant considered a psychedelic that can cure addiction. American drug rehabs who profit billions of dollars each year continue to claim there is no cure for addiction. The eternal damning phrase, “Once an addict, always an addict” is not true. There is a cure for addiction.

The new science proves addiction is a temporary brain disorder that does not have to be fatal. The opposite of addiction is connection. When normal people become disconnected with themselves, their families, and the community, they connect with something else: gambling, food, drugs, sex, work, video games etc.

Ibogaine helps the partaker reconnect by quickly resetting drug receptor sites known as “pleasure centers." The alkaloid cleanses the body of the drugs and resets the brain's neuron-chemistry.  After ingestion, Ibogaine completely alleviates physical drug withdrawal symptoms and cravings so patients never get "dope sick." The plant also resets dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and adrenaline levels.

The National Institute on Health (NIH) found that ibogaine is not neurotoxic. This means Ibogaine is NOT poisonous to nerve tissue, the brain, or the spinal cord.

Contrary to propaganda and false reporting, no person has ever died from Ibogaine ingestion alone. Ibogaine is currently the safest drug addiction treatment known to man.

Thanks again for choosing us to help you become the best version of yourself possible.


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