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How To Responsibly Enjoy Meth: A NeverGetBusted Guide

By Barry Cooper

Having good knowledge and not propaganda is the key to having wonderful and safe experiences when using any drug, and meth is not an exception. Meth has been classified as a dirty, sketchy drug abused by dirty, sketchy people, so it is often a surprise when people learn about its many different effects on the body. As with many substances, there is a potential for abuse, but also a potential for positive growth. It all comes down to the person’s intent and state of mind.

U.S. Military allowed amphetamine use among fighter pilots for decades

According to Van Winkles, an independent editorial venture staffed by an award-winning team of journalists, the United States Air force issued amphetamines to their fighter pilots for decades until 1991 when an anti-drug General banned it’s use. Despite the General’s prohibition, in 1996 the Air Force reinstated the use amphetamines for their pilots. Van Winkles John Chase, states:

“Following WWII the US began testing the effects of the speed American troops were consuming, and found — wait for it — that not only did sleep-deprived volunteers exhibit faster reaction time and better and-eye coordination, but they also showed a complete restoration of normal functionality. Win-win! Thus, by 1960 the U.S. Strategic Air Command had officially approved the use of amphetamine-based “pep pills” for pilots. In fact, pep pills were so common they became part of pilots’ flight kits during the Vietnam War.”

Meth for couples therapy

Both forms of amphetamine (pharmaceutical and meth), are conducive to productive conversations. Some couples find meth to be their most recommended couple’s therapy drug. The truth is that while under the influence of amphetamines, couples are able to have therapeutic conversations and closer sex compared to being “sober.”

When using meth for couples therapy, remind yourself the goal of becoming closer isn’t necessarily reached by doing more and more meth.  In fact, doing too much can get in the way of all of the desired positive effects. Awareness of this tip will keep you on track for a productive day or a great night.

Sex and Methmeth has a profound effect on sex

Meth has a noticeable effect on sexual drive and can enhance sexual experiences. Euphoria and lowered inhibitions can open people up to mind-blowing sexual experiences. While the scientific explanation for this is incomplete, research confirms the connection.

According to US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health, a 2010 study by Jessica A. Mong and Mary K. Holder (Program in Neuroscience, University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Medicine Baltimore, MD) demonstrates a connection between meth use and female initiation of sex. There are several studies examining the male experience of sex and meth as well.

In the book, “Overcoming Crystal Meth Addiction: An Essential Guide to Getting Clean,” Psychiatrist Dr. Steven Lee explains that normal sex involves dopamine and serotonin. However, he states that with meth use, dopamine levels are elevated, which means the chemical linked to the more active, sort of erotic kind of sex dominates the sexual experience by overpowering the intimacy chemical that is serotonin. Responsible use of meth thus can result in a really uninhibited sexual experience.

Moderating consumption of meth is important if enhanced sex is your purpose for using. It’s important to note that overuse and prolonged use of meth can make it difficult for men to get or sustain an erection while under the influence.

According to the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada, a study by Psychopharmacologists Frohmader, Batemen, Lehman, and Coolen (2010) indicated that too much meth renders males unable to perform sexually, while smaller doses can increase drive to the point of “maladaptive seeking of sexual behavior.”

Regardless of gender, overuse of this stimulant can result in difficulty reaching orgasm. While this seems silly, it is uncomfortable and can lead to extreme behavior in chasing an orgasm, as noted by Frohmader, Batemen, Lehman, and Coolen.

If you find yourself in this position, stop dosing and take a shower. After an hour or two of rest, achieving the “needed” orgasm will occur more easily. Try to sleep and abstain from the drug for as long as you can to return to a normal state, and know that you overused. Learning that lesson can help you prevent another unpleasant experience.

Meth by itself does not cause addiction

I am a former narcotics agent, I own a drug rehabilitation center, and have been specializing in this field for over 25 years. The use of methamphetamine is not the cause of any undesirable behavior, it merely amplifies what’s already there. Whatever emotions or behavior that comes with this drug’s usage, good or bad, what observers witness from a user is just an exaggerated version of this person’s emotional state.

Methamphetamine by itself does not cause addiction, but because of its euphoric effect it can be hard to put down for individuals who are already prone to addiction. It is a bad idea to use methamphetamine if you are not connected to yourself, your community, or your family, because when you use any drug as a bandage for your emotions you can become dependant on it much more easily. However, there are many casual amphetamine users who are not addicts, just like with any other drug. It is society that has pronounced all users to be addicts, and that’s just not true.

I explain drugs are not the root cause of addiction in this five-minute video:



Methamphetamine is felony in all 50 states, so be sure to NeverGetBusted. The worst side effects of using any illegal drug is the loss of your life from a long-term prison sentence. 

Author and TED Talks speaker Johann Harri is correct in his theory that the real root of addiction is the lack of a genuine connection to family, community, and self. Harri explains painful experiences, traumas, and abuse cause these disconnections. When these vital bonds are broken, the person will bond to other stuff like drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, working, food, etc.

Smart, responsible usage of any drug is important to avoid unpleasant physical and mental effects. Responsible usage entails understanding your intention for use, acquiring quality product, adhering to a minimal use dosage plan, and preparing for recovery.

Understanding your intention for using amphetamines is important. Ask yourself why you want to use amphetamines. This helps you identify what type of amphetamine to use. If you need to get some work done, a pharmaceutical will work best if you want to to work or study more efficiently. If you want to party and let loose, you may want to find something more potent and faster acting.

Properly dosing with meth

Photo via Flickr user Jan Michael Jimayuga.

Smoking meth photo via Flickr user Jan Michael Jimayuga.

Pharmacological amphetamines are typically time-release pills that release the drug steadily over a span of time. With meth, smoking, injecting, or snorting it delivers a high quickly. Snorting is a less efficient technique of ingestion compared to smoking or injection.

Due to the quick boost in mood, excessive re-dosing can be an issue with meth. The initial rush of euphoria with a hit of meth doesn’t last long, despite that the level of the drug in the blood remains about the same (Psychology Today, 2016). A sense of pleasure is still maintained, but some users feel a need to chase and maintain the initial rush, which leads to overuse.

Do as small of a dose as you can to reach the high you seek. It’s easy to find yourself reaching for the pipe to load and smoke another bowl unnecessarily, especially in social situations. Put the amphetamines away and smoke a bowl of weed instead.

Take some deep breaths and get conscious of the euphoria and well-being you’re experiencing. Your body will thank you. Using more amphetamines than you need is what leads to side effects and difficult recovery.

Regardless of dosage, your body will need to recover after using amphetamines. Along with the amphetamine, you’re ingesting various other chemicals and additives the body has to process. Additionally, being super stimulated increases your heart rate, which necessitates a period of rest. Taking these breaks will help minimize the negative side effects.

Acquiring quality product

Meth photo by Flickr user tsbxbby.

Photo by Flickr user tsbxbby.[email protected]/4502744217/

The cleaner the product, the better the high and the easier the recovery. Think critically about where and whom the product is coming from. Educate yourself on what to look for. Most importantly, know your source and think critically about who you’re getting the product from.

Do they use amphetamines? Can they give you an accurate assessment of the potency of the product? Does the seller make the substance or purchase it directly from the person who makes it? Ideally, buy from the cook. The more removed from the source you are, the less likely you’re getting a pure product.

When purchasing meth, look for a clear crystal rock with a texture resembling broken glass or glass shards. If it’s in powder form, it’s almost definitely been cut with something, either another drug or a spacer like Epsom salts or other crystalline substance.

Always research the pill forms to know what strength and what kind of time-release you’ll experience. Again, buy from someone you trust.

Forms of dosing

To snort or smoke meth, you need to chop/smash the crystals into powder form. Snorting is a less effective method of ingestion than smoking. However, a hot rail is a fashionable form or ingestion among many recreational meth users.

It involves snorting a ”rail” of meth up a small glass or Pyrex tube that has been applied to a hot coil on one end. The heat instantaneously vaporizes the meth and you end up with lungfuls of smoke.

Meth differs molecularly from prescription amphetamines in such a way that it crosses the blood-brain barrier more quickly than pharmaceutical amphetamines and has a more significant euphoric effect.

The combination of a boosted mood and heightened alertness can lead to a great level of productivity, deep conversations, and the relief of lowered inhibitions. Feelings of well-being and invincibility replace feelings of worry and limitation.

It is surprising to many that a synthetic drug can produce a state of increased self-awareness that can lead to significant personal growth.

Prepare for recovery  

Responsible use starts before ingestion. In addition to knowing your source, have a dosage plan in place, and set an intention for your experience that will keep you within the realms of an enjoyable time.

You should also stock your cabinet with some recovery tools. Have lots of low-sugar, high electrolyte beverages like coconut water on hand. Drink these, and water, throughout your high and as recovery the next day.

Supplements that promote feelings of well-being and aid muscle recovery are recommended. Take vitamin B, 5-HTP, and a magnesium-potassium blend, but be careful not to take too much potassium at once because that can cause health issues. 

Have an easily accessible nutritious meal available for when you come down. You may not have a huge appetite when you start to come down. However, eating a nutritious meal is a great way to give your body what it needs to repair itself.


Amphetamine basics

Psychomotor stimulants affect the nervous system. Amphetamines affect brain chemicals like dopamine and norepinephrine to produce increased energy, wakefulness, and focus. Pharmacologically, amphetamines are used in the treatment of ADHD, obesity, and narcolepsy.

Black market demand for amphetamines is driven by desire for increased focus, energy, and sense of well-being. The sale of prescription amphetamines to college students is common because of their need to complete complex and usually boring projects.

Amphetamines are psychomotor stimulants that increase energy, focus, and self-awareness when used responsibly. Pharmaceuticals containing amphetamines include Adderall, Ritalin, Strattera, Concerta, and several others.

Meth is a common street form of amphetamine. Use of amphetamines can have a range of fun and useful effects. Overuse can be detrimental to one’s health.

The use and abuse of amphetamines, particularly meth, is also motivated by the feelings of euphoria and overall sense of well-being. Meth is the most common form of amphetamine made and sold on the black market. It’s also referred to as “Crystal”, “Go Fast”, “Tina”, “T”, “Shards”, and “Ice.”

Meth is often preferred over pharmacological amphetamines. Legal amps release the stimulant into the body over a period of time (controlled release) whereas smoking, snorting, and injecting meth delivers the stimulant all at once. The latter form of dosing creates a wonderful feeling for the user.

Know the risks

Amphetamines are synthetic substances. Thus, responsible use is especially crucial. With any pharmaceutical or synthetic substance, long term and/or excessive use puts users at risk for various side effects.

Adults who were prescribed amphetamines as children often suffer mental distress later in life. Their side effects include paranoia, depression, decreased ability to concentrate, restlessness, disruptive sleep patterns, and more. Heart disease and high blood pressure are other negative effects of prolonged use of amphetamines.

Occasional binging on amphetamines is also taxing to the body. Minimally, overuse will cause sleeplessness, muscle fatigue, and irritability. Extreme overuse or overdose can produce symptoms like heart palpitations, chest pain, and elevated respiratory rates, paranoia, compulsive behaviors, aggression, hypothermia, and dehydration. While rarely fatal, it’s certainly not necessary or wise to use a dosage that results in these unpleasant symptoms.

While combining amphetamines and weed can enhance your experience, mixing alcohol and amphetamines is not advised.

Blending of Alcohol with Methamphetamine

Mixing meth with liquor can bring about serious health impacts. The stimulant effects of meth and the sedative effects of liquor interact impulsively. This mixing of drugs can enhance the danger of harm. In worse conditions, it may cause even death.

More people die each year from alcohol poisoning than meth overdoses. Meth ranks the lowest in terms of overdose death than heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs. However, you should NOT mix meth or any amphetamine with alcohol. It is just a bad idea.

True or False?

Meth is a member of the amphetamine group of stimulant medications. Different amphetamines vary in how capable they are and how they are considered under the Controlled Substances Act.


Different Forms of Meth

Meth can be found in a number of different forms. These can incorporate tablets, powder, or crystals. The tablets are occasionally referred to as Yaba. The smokeable crystals are called crystal meth or ice. The crystal form of meth is very effective and addictive.

FALSE. Meth by itself is not addictive.

How Can You Consume Meth?

Consumption of meth depends on its different forms. Depending on its forms, meth can be chewed, sniffed or injected. It can be smoked or dosed as eye drops as well.

FALSE. Never put meth in your eyes.

Impacts of meth

Meth makes consumers feel attentive and powerful. A user can also feel nervous, fearful, confused and violent. It may have some other effects:

  • Enhanced levels of activity
  • Feelings of excitement
  • Reduced hunger
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Blood pressure issues

False. Meth does not make a person violent. If you give a violent person meth, you have a violent person on meth.

Meth and brain damage

The impacts of meth can keep going for a very long time. Smoking the pure crystalline meth produces very diverse effects. Its effects can last for a period of 4 to 12 hours. Long-term use of meth can bring about brain damage. It reduces if the user stays away from the drug for a long period of time.

False. Meth does not cause brain damage.

Blending of Alcohol with Meth

Mixing meth with liquor can bring about serious penalties. The stimulant effects of meth and the sedative effects of liquor interact impulsively. This mixing of drugs can enhance the danger of harm. In worse conditions, it may cause even death.

True and False. More people die each year from Alcohol poisoning than meth related deaths. Mixing alcohol with any drug is not the best idea but it can be done safely. Meth ranks the lowest in terms of overdose death than heroin, cocaine, alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs.

Legal Status of Meth in the United States

In the United States, Meth is scheduled Class A drug under the Controlled Substance Act. It is strictly prohibited to involve in the trading, selling or possessing meth. You can even face life imprisonment and an unlimited fine if found supplying meth to someone.

True but crazy. It is not immoral or wrong to possess or use meth. It is only illegal and shouldn’t be.

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