How to Pass a Drug Test 2018 – By Former Drug Cop Barry Cooper

How to pass a drug test

I am a former narcotics agent who passed over twenty drug tests without abstaining. I can teach you how to pass a drug test. In this article, you will learn how to detox blood, hair, saliva and urine from any illegal substance. I will teach you how to choose the right products and how to use them correctly.  It is easy to pass a drug test if you are prepared.

I was raided twice and arrested 9 times after I switched from being a narc to a world famous cop-busting activist. I was court ordered to take three separate hair follicle tests and had to pee once per week for over 6 months. I know how to detox to pass a drug test.

If you are in immediate need to pass a drug test, the best detox drinks and shampoos guaranteed to help you pass are at Continue reading or select one of the links below:





Powdered and synthetic urine is the best when used to beat employment drug tests but the worst for court ordered testing.

In most cases, using powdered urine for employment testing is like having a Nun pee in the cup for you. Using synthetic urine for a court ordered drug test is like having me provide the sample. I have been a fan of marijuana for over 15 years.

Most employers do not require you to be observed while providing a urine sample. Courts always require an observer when providing a urine sample.

For employment testing the only risk is covertly pouring the synthetic urine into the collection cup. This is easy if you are not being watched. This is usually the case.  Ask around to learn how your employer administers urine tests so you will know for sure.

There is a 100% legit powdered urine I recommend. My readers have purchased tons of it. All reports say it works wonderfully and there have been no complaints.  For full disclosure, I get a small percentage of each purchase. Thanks. You can check it out and decide for yourself by clicking here.

man peeing using fake urine How to Pass a Urine Drug Test


Detox drinks are my specialty. The administrator of my pee tests always watched the urine go in the cup because all my drug tests were court ordered. If you’re looking for something fast and that really works, the premium detox drinks are at  They do overnight shipping and their website has a live chat.  Ask the attendants of the webchat if you have any questions about the test . I trust these detox drinks for passing a drug test.

You may not always have time to order and prepare powdered urine before you are required to take a drug test. In this case, the easiest and best method to pass the test is to go to the nearest head shop (smoke shop, pipe shop, novelty store) in the jurisdiction you are providing the sample and ask the clerk for the most powerful detoxifier everyone is using.

Because of strict laws prohibiting the sale of systems that aid in passing a drug test, it’s important not to use words such as “drug test” or “probation” or “employment. If you use these words, it is likely the clerk will refuse to sell you the detoxifier because she suspects you are an undercover agent trying to sting the store.

Follow the directions EXACTLY as instructed in the packaging of these detoxifying drinks and you will pass every time. Just like I did.

For self-confidence and just to make sure, test yourself with a home drug testing kit before submitting a urine sample to the government or your employer. This is the only way you can be sure to pass a drug test when it really counts.


Girl drinking detox drink. Simplest way to speed up detox

The short answer is yes. Detox drinks almost always work to help you pass a drug test. They worked for me over 20 times.

Many factors determine if you pass a drug test or not. Factors such as how much you smoke, how often you smoke, and the quality of the Detox Drink you choose. I never quit smoking and I always smoked the night before taking going in for the test.

No method is foolproof. But detox drinks are the very best resource I can recommend to help you pass a drug test.

If you have the time and budget to do so we recommend ordering a detox program. These drinks are all natural and contain a variety of herbs, vitamins and minerals.

The ingredients all work together to clean the body of toxins left in your system from drug use. The detox program utilizes a classic three step process.

It’s is a bit more involved than your typical head shop Detox Drink but it is definitely worth the extra effort.

Detox Programs come in a variety of strengths. Make your selection based on how heavy you smoke. I have never heard of anyone not passing when using this method.


Using powdered urine’s, simulated penises or another person’s urine will work for job ordered tests. It will not work for court. 9 times out of 10 you will be monitored while giving the sample.

Court test administrators always watch the pee go in the cup, so to pass a drug test in this environment it will be much more tricky. If the officer notices a fake penis, balloon or anything unnatural, you will immediately be arrested. You will be charged with “tampering” and the sample will be considered dirty.

Once the officer is certain he or she has collected a sample that came from your body, he or she will pre-test the urine. If it’s clean, the urine is flushed and will not be sent to a costly lab for further testing.

If the pre-test is “dirty,” the sample will be sent to a laboratory for more sophisticated testing. Depending on your situation, the cops may arrest you until the lab results are returned.

It can take days to get the results since it’s a government lab testing your sample. If used properly, the detox drinks always trick the pre-test and often tricks the labs.

Remember, there is only one 100% answer to the question: Abstinence. The advice here can help you pass a drug test, but nothing is foolproof except going cold turkey.


If the urine sample is being given for employment, ask around and learn what the testers do. If you learn they don’t watch, using powdered urine is the best and easiest way to pass a drug test and Never Get Busted.

Most urine tests for employment bypass the pre-testing and send the sample straight to the lab. If you know you are not going to be watched it is safe to use powdered urine because it is guaranteed to work.

If time allows, I recommend total abstinence from any drug use.


While testing urine for illegal substances is the most popular. Blood, saliva, hair follicle and rarely breath testing. Though breathalysers are more and more common. As they say, information is the best defence so be sure to read on.


How to Pass a Blood Drug Test

Unlike any Urine Test, your options for passing a Blood Test are very limited. Your only real chance of passing is quitting ASAP and using a detoxifier before your asked to go in for the test.

As I stated above, the detox drinks for drug test are high quality and somewhat expensive. Remember in this game, you get what you pay for and a high quality, well-priced detox program costs much less than court and potential jail time.

Make sure you read and follow the instructions exactly as they are written. Don’t forget to call the customer service reps if you have questions. It’s not a trap and they are very helpful.


Mouth swab tests are less common than Urine & Blood. It is much less common as it is very easy to cheat, so take a big breath and relax because it is fast. If your employer or the court wants one, you simply need to be prepared. AND know our tips on how to Never Get Busted.

Whats it Like?

The oral drug test is done with a quick mouth testing kit to collect your saliva. They love to jam the cotton swab in all the little corners of your mouth. Having good oral hygiene prior is very important. Make sure to brush your whole mouth. During aggressive saliva drug testing, plaque can covered some toxins up only to break free at the last second. After the administrator takes your sample they will often only test it on site the same day and only send it to the lab if you fail.

How do you beat it?

How do you actually conquer it? Special mouthwash. I have never heard of the home remedies actually working consistently. Yes, hard brushing your teeth can do the trick. Unless it’s in your saliva glands. Regular Mouthwash won’t help you succeed and most have alcohol, which might make you fail for that instead. Things like gargling vinegar, cranberry or onion juice will just cover it up. You’re much better off just brushing well and using the regular mouthwash; as the weird scent might inspire them to test you another way.

The only thing I recommend using in this case is a mouthwash specially formulated for removing drug toxins. These mouthwashes are available in a convenient, easy-to-stash packet and works within minutes before a test. They can be purchased in some head shops. Most don’t carry them so you're better off buying online. I always kept a stock of this one mouthwash. The bottle is small and the label comes off quickly. It is easy and almost impossible to get caught. You just ask to go to the bathroom when you find out your test is about to come up within the next couple hours. Do not drink anything after using as it may hurt your chances.

Important note about mouth swab testing!

You need to use the mouthwashes even if you do not consume the toxin orally. Particles can come down from the nose or up the throat. People fail this test, but not because it is hard. Because they think they are ok because they “only snorted a little cocaine”.

Brush your teeth well, but not too hard. Over scrubbing before a possible test could cause you to bleed and allowing more toxins in your saliva from that.

Always test yourself first

Using a Saliva at home test will help you detect whether or not there are traces of drugs in your saliva… before and after using the mouthwash. That way you can go in knowing what the outcome will be. Make sure to keep a small supply of the remedy in your cabinet so that you’re not sweating bullets the day before, praying it will show up in the mail in time. Unlike piss tests, these oral tests are harder to find in the stores. Your only place of purchase (especially in small towns) may be online. To test yourself you will need to have a 6 panel Saliva Drug Test. Just use the mouthwash as you would normally at home and test yourself a day or two before you go in to see if the masking remedy has worked.


The dreaded hair test. They say it can see everything you have consumed for the last 3 months. You are probably freaking out; wondering how to pass a hair drug test. How can you outwit the test?

The idea is to “wash away” or compromise the trapped detectable toxins in your follicle with as little damage to your hair as possible. The lab will take at least 1.5 inches or about 3 months of hair. If the collector is nice and you have long hair, they will usually take the hair sample from someplace that will be hard to see...usually the back of the head.

You can purchase detox shampoos from the same head shops if a hair sample is required. I have passed three hair follicle tests using Aloe Rid by Nexus. Each time I started using the detox kit shampoo at least 6 days before my test. The timeline is 3-10 days. The more you spread out the usage, the less damage it does to your hair. Do not go longer then 10 days as it may not work properly

Make sure you get the old version. There is a big difference apparently and though I never tried the new one, I have heard it dries out your hair a lot more. If you have been a sporadic or very light user, you can just use Ultra Clean detoxifying shampoo. It comes with Aloe Rid as a last layer of protection to be used the day of the test. Ultra Clean is not strong enough for a regular user as it only covers the use rather than removing the toxins. If you only had a few joints, using Ultra Clean may be enough.  Follow the directions EXACTLY and you will prevail.

Bleaching Your HairBarry bleaching his own dreads

Bleaching your hair prior to the test will also cause you to pass hair drug tests. I know at least a dozen people who have outwitted hair tests by bleaching their hair and/or using the detoxifying shampoos. That being said, if it is for an employment test, they may ask for another drug test if they notice that you have bleached your hair. Because, while it is not illegal, it may look odd if you end up coming in the day of the test with a totally different hair color.

Shaving Your Head

We do not recommend shaving your head. It does not solve anything at all. The hair follicles on your body will contain the same toxins. If you do choose to shave every scrap of hair, many things can happen. The most common is for the tester to immediately change the test type. This is probably going to go very bad for you as you probably will not be prepared to deal with the new test form.

Make Sure You Pass

Since the hair test is so accurate, testing at home before you go in is harder and takes more time. You must take a sample of 120 hairs or so and send it in to the lab. Once they get your hair sample in the mail it takes between 2-3 days to get the results online. If you just need a test for street drugs you can use this regular test by Hair Confirm. They are a huge company and there is a good chance they will be the ones testing your sample when you go in for real. If you’re in family court or you’re taking prescription drugs, then you need to get the one that tests for everything.


Assuming you skipped the rest of the page to get here, you need to know a couple things to pass your test for weed. It's a matter of what type you are up against. Unless something crazy happened you are probably facing the basic urine test and you won't be watched. In this case, we recommend fake urine with any drug, not just for cannabis. This absolutely the best method. It will not always hold up if sent for lab testing. However that is expensive, so mostly they use the quick drug store type tests. This method will work 100% of the time in these situations. Best of all it does matter if you need to pass fast or soon. It can be in 24 hours or have a week, as long as you are always prepared. If it is anything more complicated please read the text above. We have spent a lot of time teaching people how to pass blood tests and more.


I keep repeating it because it is important and I don’t want you to go to jail. The only guaranteed way on how to pass a drug test is to not do drugs.

There are 3 ways to pass for meth. These even work for the more difficult court mandated tests.

  1. Wait until your body naturally clears from meth. The meth will eventually leave your system but can take a few weeks for most people.
  2. Try Urban Legends and other home remedies. These trick have been running around before the internet made them so popular. Use caution because these home remedies were made for a different time.  They may not work with modern lab methods. Always test yourself first to ensure home remedy works.
  3. The detox products are a very good choice. We obviously have our favorite over at These are the best detox drinks and I’m thankful they are available. Nobody deserves to go to jail for having traces of a drug in their urine.




There are many variables that determine how long a drug will stay in your system. The list is large including metabolism, hydration, body mass and frequency of drug use. Keep in mind that these numbers may vary from person to person

  • Alcohol: 3 to 5 days in urine, around 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 5 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Amphetamines: 1 to 4 days in urine, around 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 5 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Klonopin…): 1 to 6 weeks in urine, 1 to 3 days in your blood. 1 to 10 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.

  • Cannabis: 2 to 90 days in urine, 2 days in your blood, 1 to 10 days in saliva and 90 to 120 days in hair.
  • Cocaine: 2 to 30 days in urine, 1 to 2 days in your blood, 1 to 10 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Codeine: 2 to 4 days in urine, 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 4 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Heroin: 2 to 4 days in urine, up to 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 4 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.
  • LSD: 1 to 3 days in urine,  3 hours in your blood, 1 to 2 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.
  • MDMA (ecstasy): 2 to 5 days in urine, 1 to 2 days in your blood, 1 to 5 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Methamphetamine (crystal meth): 1 to 6 days in urine, 1 to 3 days in your blood, 1 to 4 days in saliva and up  to 90 days in hair.
  • Methadone: 3 to 12 days in urine,  24 to 36 hours in your blood, 1 to 10 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.
  • Morphine: 2 to 4 days in urine, 12 hours in your blood, 1 to 4 days in saliva and up to 90 days in hair.

Do you have an ongoing addiction?

Have you considered using plant medicine to break the cycle?

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