Consult with Barry Cooper


By: Barry Cooper/Former Drug Enforcement Officer

Americans have been duped into believing that without the police, cars will suddenly start crashing and citizens will begin slaughtering each other. This simply is not true.

Think about it. You are not abstaining from murder because cops are on patrol and criminals do not stop murdering even though cops are on every corner. If having police stopped murderers then there would be no more killings. In other words, you are not "not being raped"  simply because there are millions of police. Police almost never catch a violent crime in the act. In fact, they catch less than 1 percent of all crimes while they are happening.

Unlike the U.S., where it’s common to spot twenty-five police during a fifty-mile trip, there are thousands of populated areas in foreign countries that have no police presence yet there are less crime and fewer traffic accidents. I’ve personally lived in several of these places.

Each day there are many examples around you that prove not having police works. Look around you now. If you are in a public park and see no cops, you are witnessing anarchy… people living happily and peacefully among each other without rulers. If a drunk man in the park gets disrespectful with a lady, the men in the park are justified in defending the woman. We don’t need police to do this for us.

Having the police leads to mass torture. The U.S.A. has the largest prison population in the history of mankind. The United States has 5% of the world’s population yet incarcerates 25% of the world’s prisoners. Communist China has ONE BILLION more in population but the U.S. has more prisoners. Does this mean Americans are more criminal than the Chinese, Mexicans, and Russians? Or could this mean American police, judges, prosecutors, and jailers have gone “Nazi Nuts” on Americans?

U.S. police have killed over 5000 civilians since 9/11, which means an American citizen is 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist. Since the drug war began, over 40 million Americans have been tortured in U.S. prison camps. Being locked in a cage is a form of torture. Combined, American officers, judges, and prosecuting lawyers have easily caused more suffering than those endured during the Holocaust.

Police should react similarly to firemen and never leave the building until it is time to investigate a crime. Firemen do not drive around looking for a fire and police should not shark around looking for crime. When a murder, robbery, or theft occurs, police investigators should be sent to gather evidence, solve the crime, and make the arrest. This should be the only role of the police. We do not need police acting as our first responders or protectors. As mentioned earlier, police rarely catch theft, rape, or robbery in progress. We can be our own first responders. We can respond much faster and with greater skill. It is very easy to rally neighbors and friends and passerby for help. After all, we always beat the police to the scene. It is always us who are crowded around a crime scene waiting for the police to arrive.

Government– A group of people who exercise a monopoly of power by force over a specific geographic region.

Nowhere in history can we find an example of police or government work. In fact, police and governments have always turned on the people. The evidence shows the government always turns dark and corrupt. This is proof that the government is inherently corrupt. This means that even if you voted Jesus Christ as president, he would be corrupt because the government is inherently corrupt.

Government lovers claim humans are incapable of governing themselves yet they cheer and vote for a few humans to control them. If humans can’t govern themselves, how can one expect a few of these humans to govern millions?

Peacefully abolish all governments by ignoring them. Any continued support of government including voting and paying taxes is the continued support of force, coercion, and non-consensual relationships. Peaceful Anarchy is our only hope. Anarchy does not mean “no rules.” It means “no rulers.”

The Solution

Of course, we know the State is too greedy and violent for us to wait around for abolition. We know that everyone practices Anarchism from the comfort of his or her home and that these principles can be applied on any scale. But, explaining this to an average person or government employee can be a little difficult when both parties know there hasn’t been a single country that has gone without a government.

How do we abolish all governments, including police and the monetary system? This is a very important question because many, including leading physicists and other scientists, believe if we don’t rid ourselves of the plague, mankind is doomed.

We must abolish all governments by evolving our minds and ignoring the government as much as we can. When humans stop believing government is necessary (there are millions of us who already do), governments will sort of “fade away.” We cannot abolish governments by force. We must move into peaceful anarchy by using the powerful force of collective thought or “coding.”

The Internet and your thoughts are very powerful because it’s our connection to each other. Thoughts become things. Once we “connect” and agree the government is unnecessary, people will never vote again and will stop placing their precious energy and resources into elections. In the future, the idea of governments will be ridiculed and considered as a monkey form of human control.

It’s wonderful to daydream about having a free house, food, and health care. By daydreaming, you are coding your future. There is a fantastic and popular free video on the subject titled, “The Secret.” This video will teach you how to change your future. The video teaches how to think until you feel. If you think until you feel, it will happen. Daydream that it should be each human’s birthright to have free food, a home and healthcare. After all, when a puppy is born, we agree he should be fed and sheltered for the rest of its life. Why do humans have to slave for food and such? Are we less than dogs?

The government printed money is one of the largest hoaxes played on mankind. Government money unfairly divides three necessities among humankind…food, shelter, and medical care. We know there are enough tomato seeds for each human to have all the tomatoes they want. Apply this fact to all foods including cows, pigs, and fish, and one can determine there is enough food for everyone. We also know there are plenty of trees for every human to have a big beautiful home and there is enough medicine for everyone to be healthy. It’s money that makes some children fat while others die of starvation. Using anarchy money such as Bitcoin is a great way to start abolishing governments. Read this article we published on the subject.


  1. Christian on June 21, 2016 at 2:26 am

    Good luck convincing the “haves” to have it any other way. I’m with you here Barry.. but as stated by Dr. Gabor Mate.. addiction to power is the most destructive form of addiction. And I’ve seen some elitist assholes totally come undone when learning they were going to be taxed more than those not born on second or third base even though they would still be left with a shit ton more than their friends and families while their friends and families would have a chance at a better quality of life. When I was addicted to drugs the thought of losing those insidious compounds scared the hell out of me. Imagine what it must feel like to lose all the power in the world. These people will never let it go. But knowing what is right for mankind and just sitting silently with a thumb up the ass is also a great injustice to our species. So I applaud you for your accomplishments and efforts. Humanist/Futurist/Anrachist ’til death.

    P.S. I was very pleasantly surprised to see Z3 Moving Forward up here. Most anarchists i’ve met have a difficult time wrapping some of the concepts in that film around their head. I’ve always felt anarachy and a resource based economy would go perfectly together. Good form.

  2. Micha on February 8, 2016 at 6:07 pm

    You should think twice or however many times it takes before you speak about my Lord and Savior like that there are plenty of figures of speech out there

  3. Laurel on January 3, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    I agree with most of this article but was bummed to see you promoting Zeitgeist and abolishing money. That is so misguided. I used to be into that shit so I can understand whwere you are coming from, Barry, but I think you are gravely mistaken. Zeitgeist IS the NWO. I don’t want a computer making decisions about my life, and I don’t think you do either! You need to educate yourself about economics, then you will understand the major problems with such a system. I highly recommend the short book (free online) “Not a Zero-Sum Game”. Just because the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking are scarms, doesn’t mean that getting rid of money is the answer. Please think long and hard about how peoples’ lives would change if money were abolished.

  4. Kyle Christerson on December 15, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    I was just wondering if you have a source for this quote – “In fact, police catch less than 1 percent of all violent crimes in the act.”

    Kyle R. Christerson