By Robert M Helfend/Attorney At Law

There are few things more frustrating than being mistreated by the person who is supposed to be there to protect your rights and defend you. These feelings of frustration are felt by thousands of people each year who hire defense attorneys that, once paid, won’t work the facts of the client’s case. Here are a few ways to deal with this issue:

1) Communicate with kind words. Sometimes all it takes is a small conversation to come up with an easy solution to a problem. Give your defense attorney a call to discuss strategy, as well as the pros and cons of the facts of your case. However, if your calls aren’t getting answered, it can get really annoying. Keep your cool and email a note asking about the line of attack on your case. Also, voice your concerns about the approach being taken towards the case if you don’t agree. Make sure to be stern so that your attorney knows you are serious, but still be polite and courteous. Keep in mind that as soon as you start having a bad attitude about the situation, so will your attorney.

2) Request a copy of your file. If your attorney isn’t answering you or things aren’t getting better, you can request a copy of your file. Whether you go to the office to request to see it or you get a copy emailed to you, receiving the file will give you the knowledge you need to evaluate the course of action chosen by your counsel.

3) Get a second opinion. One of the most valuable things you can do for your case is to get a second opinion about all the details of your case. This way you are sure to know whether or not you are being represented correctly. This is a very efficient way to keep track of the workings of your case. Be sure to find a reputable lawyer who can give an unbiased opinion on all the details of your case.

It is vitally important to get with your lawyer at the beginning of your pending matter. That way, if you discover a disagreement with your lawyer’s tactics, which you find fatal to the ultimate outcome of your case, you can substitute in another attorney easily. By doing this early, you may even be able to obtain a partial refund of your retainer.

4) Live and Learn. If there is ever a next time, make sure you do your research before you hire your defense attorney. Try to meet with several attorneys one-on-one, and ask them questions to find out who would best represent you and your case. It is important to find Counsel, which you have, a personal, human connection with. Ask them how they plan on dealing with the case. Know your attorney’s character and his standards. Stick to these ideas and picking a defense attorney should be a walk in the park.

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