covid19 A Real Danger

The corona virus may be a man made pandemic or an explotation of an event by the Police State to push us into isolation to create a form of slavery but either way Covid19 poses a real danger for people with drug addiction. The danger is not contracting the virus, it is more to do with the effects of the lockdown and the strict measures put in place to keep us in isolation.  Isolation leads to boredom, depression and anger against the state that are the main reasons why people turned to Opioid abuse in the first place.

Additionally, individuals with a substance use disorder are more likely to experience homelessness or incarceration than those in the general population, and these circumstances pose unique challenges regarding transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19.

The corona virus pandemic has gripped the world and we are all in a state of lock down forced upon us by the Police State, forcing millions out of work and many into deep isolation with very little contact with the outside world. Social distancing isn’t easy for anyone, especially addicts and those in recovery from substance abuse.

DEA has already stated the Cartels are finding it extremely hard to smuggle drugs across the border into the US as the lockdown has reduced traffic making it a lot harder to disguise shipments, creating real supply issues.  So addicts are finding it very difficult not to go cold turkey and find following the cloud a lot more expensive than it has been before and a lot harder to obtain.

Dangers of Covid19

  • Unable to obtain drugs as not available or too expensive and no cash.
  • Addicts in recovery from drug addiction missing agonist treatment dosage due to isolation leading to relapse.
  • Contracting Covid19 also poses a risk as addicts in general are in poor health.
  • Isolation, boredom and months of no social activity can drive people to drug addiction.
  • Anger against the Police State and the situation of forced isolation can manipulate itself into making us do things we would normally not do.  This is the weirdest time of any ones life as we have never experienced this before and it is hard to deal with.
  • Depression and withdrawl leading to suicide.

If you find yourself isolated and in need then do not suffer alone.  There are assistance lines, manned by people who also have suffered substance abuse and they are on the same wave length and understand your problems.

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Peace, Love and Understanding