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Cop Wrestles and Pins a 15-year-old Quadruple Amputee to the Ground for "causing a disturbance" at a group home in Tucson, Arizona. In this disturbing video, a deputy can be seen wrestling and then pinning the teenager who has no arms or legs to the ground and placing the teen in a headlock.

Cop Wrestles and Pins a 15-year-old Quadruple Amputee to the Ground

On the morning of 26 September, an adult who works at the group home reportedly called police to report that the teen had knocked over a trash can and was yelling and screaming.

A deputy from the Pima county sheriff’s department who responded to the call reportedly determined that the teen was disturbing the peace, and decided to arrest him.


I am not sure how much of a disturbance or danger a 15-year-old Quadruple Amputee could cause that would require this amount of force to be used. Knocking over a trash can certainly does not seem to be reasonable for this amount of force to be used on someone who is as severely disabled as this kid is.

Cop Wrestles and Pins a 15-year-old Quadruple Amputee to the Ground

“I will raise my voice to you whenever the fuck I want, you understand?” the officer shouts.

The teen is later arrested for disorderly conduct. Those charges were later dropped after this video was released. The deputy smashes the head of the teen who was filming the event into a wall and places him in handcuffs.

Samuel Jurgena, a Pima county public defender, said his client went public with the cellphone video in order to prompt changes in police treatment of youths in group homes.

“I think everyone feels in my office this cop should not be out here with a badge and a gun if this is how he’s treating kids in group homes,” Jurgena said.

In the book, Rise of the Warrior Cop by Radley Balko, he talks about The Militarization of America's Police Forces. With these kinds of stories being reported more and more, Balko makes a very good argument. Police officers are no longer peace officers, they are becoming a Militarized group of thugs.