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Barry Cooper Former Narcotics Agent


Consult with Barry Cooper - Do not feel ashamed or alone if you have been arrested for a drug crime and have an up and coming court case. It is neither wrong nor immoral to possess or sell a substance. It is only illegal but it shouldn't be. If you are a victim of the drug war or a drug crime, Certified Expert Witness Barry Cooper can provide you with valuable tips to set you free.

During the video or telephone consultation Barry will analyze your drug case for mistakes and discuss strategies to help you through the nightmare. No arrest is too big or too small.


During the consultation Barry will use his experience as a former drug agent to:

  1. Ascertain if your lawyer is doing either his/her job or is selling you down the road.
  2. Highlight the mistakes the police made during your search and arrest.
  3. Give you valuable tips to relay to your lawyer so he can give you the best defense possible.
  4. Ascertain if the police used an informant and identify who it is.
  5. Help decide if your court case is winnable or if you should take a plea.
  6. Give you advice on how to get the best plea deal possible.
  7. Provide insights into your drug court case that your lawyer does not have or will not tell you.
  8. Be a certified expert witness when necessary.

All drug case consultations have no time limit. The average consultation takes 2 to 3 hours and costs $210.



Fill out this contact form after you made the payment or if you have any questions:

Barry is a certified expert witness but he is not a lawyer and does not give legal advice. 

All legal advice will be given by your lawyer or one of NeverGetBusted’s attorneys. 

Consult with Barry Cooper

I resigned as a top drug enforcement cop due to the way the war on drug crime was going, to become an activist and criminal defense drug expert witness. I can teach you how to win your drug court case. I have been involved in the arrest of people involved in drug crime and know the procedures inside and out.

To win, you must know exactly where you are during the complicated court process. There are only 7 steps to all drug prosecutions and it’s very important to know each step.

Lawyers RARELY teach their clients these steps. Most of them want their clients to be confused and afraid. This allows them to pressure their client into a premature plea bargain.

Learn these 7 steps and you will never “wonder" or "feel lost” during the horrible ordeal of navigating your drug case.


Consult with Barry Cooper

“I was rescued by Barry and his team after serving 15 years of a 30 year prison sentence for marijuana seeds. I’m free and with my family in Jamaica because of the NeverGetBusted Freedom Program.”–Dalton Wilson Inmate #76331080

Read Mr. Wilson’s story and watch the video of him reunited with his kids.


“The cops planted a controlled substance (meth) in my car and I was sentenced to 8 years in federal prison.  After four years of being locked away from my children, my dad contacted Barry and now I’m free. –Yolanda Madden Inmate #87678654

Read how NeverGetBusted freed Yolanda Madden and watch her be released from prison and reunited with her family.


After Kathy Sayers hired the NeverGetBusted Expert Witness firm, NGB published the following story.  In the article, NGB peacefully exposed corruption within CPS (Child Protective Services) to reunite a family.  Sayers regained custody of her twins after the publishing.  

Read how NGB reunited Kathy Sayers with her twin girls.


NeverGetBested rescues a 5 year old girl from abusive CPS and returns her to innocent parents.

Read how NeverGetBusted saved 5 year old, Stevie.

Barry recently starred with Woody Harrelson, 50 Cent, Eminem and Susan Sarandon in the anti-drug war documentary, “How To Make Money Selling Drugs.” Watch the excerpt below that features NeverGetBusted freeing prisoners and defendants. Click the play button to watch.

Why you want Barry Cooper on your side

Barry was once one of the nation’s top drug enforcement officers. After an enormous shift in consciousness, he now works as an addiction specialist, freedom consultant, and criminal defense expert witness.

Barry has made hundreds of drug arrests and has practiced as a criminal defense expert for over a decade. He has guest lectured and helped thousands of lawyers develop defense strategies to help their drug clients go free.

Barry uses his past experience to expertly counter the court’s attempt to prosecute citizens for drug crimes. He knows all the tricks drug cops and courts use to doom the defendant.

The fastest way to go to prison unnecessarily is to fall into the sucker’s trap of plea bargaining a defendable case. Over 50% of people placed on probation wind up in prison. According to NeverGetBusted attorneys, probation should be one of the last resorts to resolve your drug case – not the first.

Barry can help you win your drug case.

We are famous for freeing prisoners and defendants

Barry was once considered one of America’s best drug agents. He was cross-trained and worked joint operations with the ATF, DEA, FBI, U.S. Military and Border Patrol.

Barry received specialized training in every known field of narcotics operations. He has worked undercover operations, performed reverse stings, conducted scores of search warrants, trained drug dogs and worked highway interdiction.

Barry was the first to blow the whistle on drug dog false alerts in 2006 when he released footage of a certified drug detector dog false alerting.

Barry began his Texas law enforcement career as a police dispatcher for the Gladewater Police Department. He was soon hired by the Big Sandy Police Department where he trained his own narcotic detector dog.

Although he had less than five miles of highway to practice his craft, Barry made over one hundred drug arrests and broke several drug seizure records.

“He had a knack for finding drugs and made more arrests and more seizures than all of the other agents combined. He was probably the best narcotics officer in the state and maybe the country during his time with the task force.”--Tom Finley/Drug Task Force Commander

Barry now admits his conscience often bothered him as he raided and jailed non-violent citizens. Tearing the families apart never seemed right to him. He explains,

“My parents, the public schools and the churches taught me any person who used drugs is evil and deserves to be harshly punished. At times, I could feel I was doing something wrong but the brainwashing of antidrug propaganda, my addiction to adrenaline and my need for peer acceptance overrode my good conscience.”

In 2006, as a form of penance, Barry used his experience as a former drug agent to produce a series of instructional videos titled, NeverGetBusted. The DVD series taught citizens how to avoid being arrested for drug crimes.

Flanking NeverGetBusted, he produced an Internet reality show called, KopBusters, where he set traps for police and filmed them committing crimes. One particular sting brought attention to a mother of two who had been illegally incarcerated after police planted drugs in her car.

The sting was designed to embarrass the police and trick them into raiding a fake marijuana grow-house that was rigged with hidden cameras. Although he and his family suffered severe retaliation, the sting was a success because Yolanda Madden was released from federal prison and remains free today.

Barry’s critics viewed his style of activism as a personal attack against god, children and the police. Now, most people see NeverGetBusted and KopBusters as a clever humanitarian operation that was designed to protect citizens from their abusive government.

The United States now holds the all-time world record for the number of citizens it incarcerates...numerically and proportionately.

When Barry quit the police force he was tormented by the terror he had caused as a cop. In 2005, Barry released his NeverGetBusted DVD series to help prevent other families from suffering inhumane treatment at the hands of the American police and politicians.

The video series became world-famous for teaching citizens how to avoid being arrested for marijuana.   Watch Barry’s NeverGetBusted videos for free here.

NeverGetBusted has since evolved into a humanitarian cause dedicated to freeing prisoners and defendants of the war on drugs.

View Barry's credentials here.


Mother Of 2 Freed When Cops Tricked Into Raiding Fake Grow House

Barry Cooper should know better than anyone that you don’t mess with the police. He was once a cop and a dirty one at that. But for the past three years, this former narcotics officer has been irritating the hell out of law enforcement, and he’s been steadily raising the stakes, damn the consequences. This…