Yea, I said it.  I do drugs and so should you.  I have a lot of respect for the LGBT movement.  The fact that ‘gay marriage’ is even still an issue or discussion makes me sick to my stomach.  Despite some incredibly ignorant and evil legislation emerging in the last year (I’m looking at you, Russia), the gay community is beginning to win it’s struggle.  I applaud them for that and will root for every victory they achieve.  However, I believe drug users are the next oppressed community that needs to ‘come out of the closet’, stand the fuck up and defend their rights.  Before your mind conjures up all of the typical labels it would like to ascribe to me in light of this, let’s take a moment to reflect on a few questions.

  • Are your views on the subject genuinely your own?

  • How informed are you actually about these substances and their effects?

  • What if the institutions that biased you against these substances did so for their protection and not yours?

Even most of of today’s mainstream, straight-edge culture would laugh at the blatant propaganda and fear mongering of movies like Reefer Madness.  Though, many of them miss the real punchline;  The mainstream media is still producing reefer madness with a straight face.  The trick is basic.  The goal is to use fear to push you away from substances that would otherwise expand your mind and make you less vulnerable to oppressive cultures.   Let's remember the etymology of the word government itself.   It comes from the latin ‘gubernatio’ meaning ‘management’ and mente meaning ‘mind’.  Yea, those seeking to control your mind don’t even respect you enough to hide it.

Given that these manipulative sociopaths are in power for the management of our minds, it’s easy to see how substances that move us out of these preconceived mind boxes would present a threat.  So now, we live in an insane culture that philosophically echoes the dark ages.  The way drug users are hunted down, discriminated against and persecuted demonstrate that we have not culturally evolved far beyond the Salem Witch Trials.

We have to hide our beliefs and actions from most people around us including, at times, the ones we love.   All the while, we live in fear that we might be discovered and locked away from society for carrying an herb.  It’s lunacy.  I’m personally done living in fear.  Before we move on, let’s reflect on a few more questions.

  • Are you aware that many of humanity’s greatest minds including people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs,  and Carl Sagan were ‘drug’ users?

  • Do you think these people should have been locked in cages or even prosecuted for how they chose to explore their brilliant minds?

  • What if they had been?

I believe everyone should have the right to partake in any substance they like.  However, there are drugs that are more beneficial and practically harmless and there are others that don’t seem to have much merit and could have very negative consequences if used irresponsibly.  Below are my favorites and the entheogens (psychoactive substances used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context.) that I truly recommend.


By this point, everybody is pretty familiar with Mary Jane.  Even if you don’t know first hand, you’ve surely seen enough movies to get an idea of what she’s all about.  Here’s a few reasons why you should hit that:

  • Restores a childlike sense of enchantment with the world

  • Anecdotal evidence suggest it improves creativity

  • Great social bridge for building new friendships or strengthening existing bonds

  • Makes music, sex and food better

  • Accessible

  • Fights/Kills many types of cancer

  • Safer/ Healthier than alcohol

  • 0 reported deaths in human history

I could’ve just quoted Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

“It’s not habit forming”

“It doesn’t give you a hangover”

“It’s the cheapest drug there is”

“It makes sex even better!”



You wouldn’t believe how much these fungi can impact your life and make you more happy, open minded and sensitive.  There are reasons why Mario and Luigi grew as a people when they ate them (pun intended):

  • Restores a childlike sense of enchantment with the world
  • Many have mystical, spiritual or transcendental experiences

  • Makes you more emotionally ‘open’

  • Makes you more open minded

  • Improves sense of wellbeing over the long term

  • Treats Depression

  • Repairs brain damaged caused by trauma, particularly in those with PTSD

  • Increased appreciation of nature


If you removed LSD from the last few decades of American history, there would be a massive black hole where all of your favorite music and art used to be.  Here’s why you should turn on, tune in and drop out:

  • See above points for mushrooms, except repairing brain damage.

  • Incredible visual journeys

  • Significant increase in creativity.  (Just ask Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Jim Morrison, The Beatles, Pink floyd, Grateful dead and Jimi Hendrix for starters)


It’s the drug you’ve never heard of but already have in your system.  It’s the ‘spirit molecule’.  Some know it as the business man’s trip.  You can enter another dimension and have close encounters with indescribable transcendental beings over a lunch break and return sober as a monk.  Here’s why you’ll want to embark on the journey of finding it:

  • Incredibly powerful mind opening experience

  • Most powerful psychedelic known to man

  • Postulated to be secreted by your pineal gland and the cause of dreams

  • Encounter other forms of consciousness

  • Last only 5-15 minutes

  • It’s impossible to overdose

  • Stone cold sober after 30 minutes

I’ll be covering all of these substances in future articles in much greater depth.  Just remember if you do any drug, NeverGetBusted.

I’m eager to see the marijuana decriminalization wave catch on but this is so much bigger than that.  We have the unalienable right to cognitive liberty.  We have the right to consume any substance and experiment with our own consciousness as we see fit, insofar as we do not harm others.  To deprive us of that right and call the United States ‘the land of the free’ is an irony so thick, those with strong stomachs can chew on it.

Meanwhile, according to someone is arrested for violating a drug law every 19 seconds.  That’s in the U.S. alone.  Uncle Sam is a prescription pill popping, alcohol addicted, cigarette smoking sociopath that’ll will hunt you down, kidnap you at gunpoint and shove you in a dark, dirty box for years for holding an herb.  That’s if you don’t resist.

It’s time to end this dark age.  To make any real traction in the direction of cognitive liberty, we will need to make this stance mainstream by saying it loud and proud.  I do drugs and so should you.


Disclaimer:  My advice to explore these substances does not apply to those with mental health disorders in their family, nor to anyone younger than 17.


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