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Murder by cops?


Take two minutes. Is this murder by cops or not?  August 12, 2014 Eric Garner, 43, died last month after a swarm of police placed him in a chokehold and slammed him on the sidewalk as they attempted to arrest him for selling single cigarettes. Witnesses at the scene state Garner was breaking up a fight…

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Decorated drug agent says anarchy is safer than police


  By: Barry Cooper/Former Drug Enforcement Officer Americans have been duped into believing that without the police, cars will suddenly start crashing and citizens will begin slaughtering each other. This simply is not true. Think about it. You are not abstaining from murder because cops are on patrol and criminals do not stop murdering even…

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10 Appalling Facts About the “SWATification” Of America


June 28, 2014 The facts you are about to read are terrifying but true. Abolish all police.  We don’t need them.   #1   In 1980, there were around 3,000 SWAT raids in the US.  Now, there are more than 80,000 SWAT raids per year. #2  79 percent of the time, SWAT teams are deployed to private…

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Uruguay to give marijuana to inmates

Marijuana Field

April 10, 2014 MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — Prisoners in the jails of Uruguay will be able to use marijuana if a doctor says it will benefit their health. Uruguay’s drug czar Julio Calzada told The Associated Press on Tuesday that any inmates with doctors’ orders will be prescribed marijuana to their improve physical or mental…

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Video: Cops gun homeless man illegal Camping article

Simply put we know that the police in the USA is militarized and kills more people than some countries have murder. It is something we have been fighting against and pushing for justice on for years. Have any comments? Let us know. Read more at NY Daily If you prefer try this article over at…

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CPS holds war veteran’s child in retaliation for filming CPS

In a bizarre case of what some are calling government-sponsored kidnapping, California Child Protective Services (CPS) recently punished a war veteran for recording a CPS worker and now the agency is seeking a court order to stop the father from recording them. The two videos below are what CPS considers private and therefore cannot be…

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