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Police recording of my traffic stop, raid and arrest mysteriously mailed to me

Gone Rogue I was mysteriously mailed a CD with no return address. I was shocked to discover it was the audio recording of the traffic stop, home raid and my arrest Williamson County conducted in March 2010. The search warrant was for all of my films, camera and other media. The incident took place five days…

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Video Released Of Cop Firing 16 Shots to Kill Teen in Streets of Chicago


November 25, 2015 Chicago, Illinois — Hours after a Chicago police officer was held without bond on a first-degree murder charge, the city released a shocking police dash-cam video that captured the white officer opening fire on an African American teen, shooting him 16 times and killing him. In October 2014, police were responding to reports of car…

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Breaking News: UN calling to end War on Drugs?


October 21, 2015 Washington D.C. — According to mogul, Sir Richard Branson, the United Nations is on the verge of calling for governments around the world to end the “war on drugs” by decriminalizing the use and possession of illicit narcotics. Within hours of Branson’s claim, however, the  UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) made…

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Attorney Jen Ani proves that cannabis is safer than CPS


By Attorney Jennifer Ani A look at the “protective” goals of the child welfare system in light of the growing national acceptance of medical cannabis. Social workers think a child “might die” from it. They call poison control hotlines to get information about it. An infant is removed from good parents because their home “smells like…

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Wake the [email protected]#k up: Rapper, anarchist and NGB’s own, L-Dixon, debuts on the Anarchast


January 20, 2015 L-Dixon, gives a killer interview on Jeff Berwick’s famed Anarchast, your home for anarchy on the internet. Topics include: NeverGetBusted, Barry Cooper, decentralization, Bitcoin, 3D printers, seasteading, life in Mexico and Anarchapulco Fest 2015. You don’t want to miss this! NGB’s own, L-Dixon, on the Anarchast NeverGetBusted invites you! Anarchapulco is the first…

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Online drug trade part 1: The rise, fall, and unstoppable resurgence

Global interaction

By: L-Dixon of NeverGetBusted and The next generation of drug users and traffickers will buy and sell their drugs online leaving  governments across the world powerless to stop it. Since the late 90’s, ecommerce has revolutionized trade by giving both businesses and customers a lower costing, more efficient and convenient trading experience.  The drug…

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