NeverGetBusted Tips

Drug Dogs


Click To Hire Barry As Your K-9 Expert Witness  Drug Dogs and K-9 False Alerts. A Comprehensive Study Of Police Dogs By Criminal Defense K-9 Expert, Barry Cooper In 2006, criminal defense expert witness, Barry Cooper, was the first to blow the whistle on drug dog false alerts. This is a comprehensive study of drug dog mechanics…

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Knock and Talks–Short Video On How To Handle Police At Your Door

police at door

Receiving an anonymous tip or hearing a rumor about you is not enough evidence for police to get a search warrant for your house. Instead of taking the time to do a real investigation to determine if the rumor is fact or fiction, the police will perform a “Knock and Talk”, also known as a “Tap and…

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Communicate In Code And NeverGetBusted


This ingenious method is impossible for police to crack. It works like this: Both persons (or multiple parties) purchase the exact publication of any random dictionary. The messenger writes the page number of the word needing to be communicated followed by a dash (hyphen) followed by the number the word appears in the list on…

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When Can Police Search Cell Phones, Laptops?

police cell phone

By Andrew Lu There’s a hot legal topic affecting law enforcement in the digital age: When can police conduct searches of cell phones and laptops? As you may know, smartphones and laptops can contain a wealth of information that was not contemplated in 1986, when Congress passed laws about government monitoring of digital communications. So courts in different…

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Growing Marijuana Safely By Tricking The Helicopters


Email To NeverGetBusted:  “I had 4 small plants in my back yard , A search chopper flew by yesterday and i strongly believe that they were spotted but im not 100% sure but im thinking they might have . However after the chopper passed i  immediately removed the 4 plants off my property , My question is this…

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Mail Your Pot Instead Of Rolling Dirty


By Barry Cooper Updated 2017 Driving with weed in illegal states is risky. That is why I never drive with more weed than I can eat. I can tell you because I conducted stops first hand. There is a ridiculous number of traffic/drug cops roaming the U.S. highways.   Can you mail your weed? It’s…

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Tricking The Helicopters


How to trick the heat cams on helicopters (Taken from Volume 2: NeverGetRaided)  Tricking The FLIR Cameras On Marijuana Spotting Helicopters  

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Sneak Weed Through An Airport: A NeverGetBusted How-To Guide

how to sneak weed through an airport

How to Sneak Weed Through An Airport, by Ex-Cop Barry Cooper There are many safe ways to sneak weed through an airport. I am a former narcotics officer who is famous for giving tips on how to Never Get Busted. I have also passed over twenty drug tests without abstaining and teach people  how to pass…

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