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How Ibogaine and Other Psychedelics Can Cure PTSD

The author before and after using psychedelics to treat severe PTSD

By Barry Cooper   As a globally known drug expert and person who has been diagnosed with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I can help you determine if you suffer from PTSD and share the cure. I have personally used psychedelics to treat my PTSD and have helped hundreds of others do the same.…

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Best Detox Drinks for Passing A Drug Test and Keeping your Job

The 4 Best Detox Drinks For Passing A Drug Test And Keeping Your Job

What do athletes, police, military and port workers have in common? Well, in order to be one of them, you may have to pass a drug test. Despite the fact that cannabis is moving towards legalization in countries like Canada and the USA, top executives around the world make sure that drug testing remains a…

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Ozone Therapy Detox Immensely Enhances Ayahuasca/Ibogaine Experience

Ozone Machine

Ozone Therapy Is Crucial To The Success Of Your Ayahuasca Trip Ozone Therapy is irrevocably relevant when considering tripping on Ayahuasca or Ibogaine. It’s also one of the best detoxifiers known to man. A holistic approach should be taken when serving either plant medicine. It’s important to consider the mind, body, spirit and emotions when…

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A Paradigm Advancement and Non-Traditional Philosophy of “Self Shamaning”

Traditional chinese tea ceremony.

Traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies have a strong culture and set of customs that are centered around taboos, superstition and fearful philosophies of demonic retaliation. A new and non-traditional philosophy of “Self Shamaning” is emphasized in “The Barry Cooper’s Scientific School of Ayahuasca/Ibogaine.” This brand new and controversial philosophy was developed and advanced by TripToWellness collaborators and…

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Coming Out of the Other Closet: I Do Drugs and So Should You

Coming Out of the Other Closet- I Do Drugs and So Should You

February 20, 2014 By:  Leandrew Dixon ( NeverGetBusted’s Webmaster) Yea, I said it.  I do drugs and so should you.  I have a lot of respect for the LGBT movement.  The fact that ‘gay marriage’ is even still an issue or discussion makes me sick to my stomach.  Despite some incredibly ignorant and evil legislation…

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7 Molly Tips: How to Party Without Dying


MDMA is here to stay. While a small number of people do die from MDMA use each year, it is often from heatstroke, a fatal electrolyte imbalance from drinking too much water, mixing it with other drugs or a massive overdose. And while there are always risks to taking street drugs, following these simple guidelines…

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Legal Dangers Of Synthetic Marijuana

synthetic marijuana

By Barry Cooper I have been flooded with emails asking about synthetic marijuana. I asked two trusted lawyers who both recommended that since the legal wording of the new Food and Drug Administration’s law can unambiguously include ALL synthetics, it is their recommendation as well as mine to cease mailing and/or possessing any synthetics to/in…

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