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Barry Cooper: Beware, The Freeman, Sovereign, Common Law Defense is CRAZY

Never Get Busted

Many believers of the common law, or freeman defense promote the idea that these jurisdiction base defenses can be used to get you out of any legal charge. Unfortunately, that simply is not true. Although they’re historical understanding and explanation of our legal system holds true, these tactics simply are not effective or even taken…

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Top 5 New NeverGetBusted Tips

Top 5 new NeverGetBusted Tips with barry cooper and luke rudkowski

With famous reporter Luke Rudkowski, Barry Cooper drops some updates to his popular NeverGetBusted DVD series. Listen to Barry’s 5 newest and updated NeverGetBusted tips. Tips include: Handling K9’s, handling cops at your door, don’t trust your lawyer, how to get rid of your stash and fleeing the U.S.

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Be a detective: Help NeverGetBusted free Tyler Bonillas


Written by Barry Cooper Co-author Michele R. Lomax, Esq. Haven’t we all wanted to play detective at some point in our lives? From blockbuster movies, NY Times bestsellers, that favorite episode of Law and Order? And now sadly, a week or day doesn’t seem to go by that we aren’t inundated with news of some…

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