By Attorney Jennifer Ani


A look at the “protective” goals of the child welfare system in light of the growing national acceptance of medical cannabis.

Social workers think a child “might die” from it. They call poison control hotlines to get information about it. An infant is removed from good parents because their home “smells like marijuana.”

A graduate student has four children removed because cannabis plants are found in the home. A Drug Endangered Child Expert testifies as an expert for the County that “CBD” refers to a “new strain of butter or wax” that is being made in that particular county.

Judges think a parent “can get a prescription from any Dr. Feelgood.”

County Counsel worry parents “might get high and drop an infant on the floor.” In chambers, a Judge asks about my cannabis expert, “Is he going to show up in Birkenstocks and a ponytail?” and immediately breaks out in uncontrollable laughter.

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    Should you hire Jen Ani? Definitely. If you do not hire Jen Ani, your children may be at risk from other attorneys not caring about them.