Beware of Ayahuasca/Ibogaine Shamans

Unfortunately, there are a number of absurd and ongoing fear based beliefs surrounding the use of Ayahuasca. Shamans are the source of the outlandish teachings.

A shaman is a person who administers Ayahuasca and believes they have special favor in the spirit world. They claim the ability to manipulate and command entities into healing or harming others.

I am a drug expert in federal and state court in all 50 states. Any testimony I give about Ayahuasca is considered expert witness testimony and becomes a matter of record.

I can assure the world these ancient and illiterate understandings are falsehoods and a symptom of mental disorders.

For instance, during a recent YouTube podcast, a shaman claimed a young man recently "took on an entity" while under the influence of Ayahuasca.

In other words, this Ayahuasca “expert” believes a spirit can possess a person after drinking the brew.

He also explained shamans use the brew for mind control and to make their targets ill and psychotic.

A personal testimony he gives can only be described as delusional, outlandish and ignorant.

“I witnessed a shaman under a psychic attack from another shaman who was envious because of his success as a healer. The shaman was able to fight it off with the help of another shaman during a ceremony.”

I saw the same spell casting non-sense while researching, studying and administering Ayahuasca in the Amazon jungles of Brazil. In fact, there was a shaman who cast a spell on me because he didn't think I was qualified to learn about the simple two-plant mixture.

I produced this short video explaining why persons should be aware of these jungle madmen.

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