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I am hired at least three times per month by clients who were busted for Possession of Marijuana after being caught smoking in public.

Watch this short instructional video as I demonstrate techniques you can use to smoke marijuana in plain sight. In this video, I give you instructions as I smoke in front of dozens of people undetected. If you follow my advice, you will NeverGetBusted.

Excuse the tired look on my face. The night before producing this video, I was up all night with a mother from Alabama trying to bond her son out of jail for thirty pounds of weed.

Big love and thanks for supporting me. Peace, Love and NeverGetBusted. -Barry

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  1. cheri r sandland file on September 8, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    Hello, thank you for all the information, I have a friend in jail in Florezville in Wison county, Tx. for Meth. He’s been in there for over 6 months and still no court date. His name is Steven Lynn Richey, inmate #36982. How much are your services?