While describing his thoughts on purging that often accompany drinking Ayahuasca. The TripToWellness DMT brewmaster L-Dixon stated,

"To my knowledge there aren't any other ingredients that cause nausea, just the tannins and the taste. As I mentioned in my bit of the video with Adam, I think it's completely unnecessary to get nauseous and purge.

I think it is something that we believe was unavoidable and when humans go through unavoidable suffering, they try to give it meaning.

Again, there are tannins in wine and tea. If you drink enough of those on an empty stomach, you could get the same thing... does that make it a spiritual experience?

If people are so convinced that pooping a lot will purge toxins and negative energy, why don't they just pop some ex-lax and get it over with."

Famed activist, anarchist and political figure, Adam Kokesh, spent ten days attending The Barry Cooper Scientific School of Ayahuasca and Ibogaine.