Never Get Busted Weed

I have long believed that recreational marijuana reduces opioid use.  Recent studies have shown that giving access to legal marijuana has significantly reduced opioid-related deaths.

In fact, the reduction is big, a staggering 20 - 35% reduction in drug overdose cases within a state.

The first study in Massachusetts and Colorado claims to show access to recreational cannabis reduces opioid mortality.

The study used 3 types of data - death rates involving opiates, prescription opioids, and synthetic opioids from January 1999 through to the end of 2017.

During the study period, 29 states had approved medical marijuana, while recreational marijuana was legalized in 8 states plus a District of Columbia.

The team studying the effects stressed the casual effect of using cannabis has a very robust effect on opioid use.

They, therefore, recommend giving more people access to medical marijuana as soon as possible.

With states legalizing medical marijuana, the situation can only get better.

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We all have to live.  Love, peace and nevergetbusted!