Major breakthrough as UK scientists find $7 steroid cuts COVID-19 deaths

Dexamethasone, a cheap, widely-available steroid, is the latest drug touted by experts in the UK as a possible treatment for COVID-19, with evidence suggesting that it can successfully reduce deaths from the virus by up to one third in severely-ill patients.

After researchers at the University of Oxford announced the headline results on Tuesday - with the full results to be released later this month - the British government immediately authorised its use in treating coronavirus patients.

What is dexamethasone?

It is a steroid, which is generally used to reduce inflammation, a key cause of death in coronavirus patients as the lungs swell to fight the infection.

The 60-year-old drug, dexamethasone, is the first medication shown to increase people’s chances of surviving covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. It reduced the risk of death for patients on ventilators by a third and cut the risk of death for patients on oxygen by a fifth, heartening news that drew widespread interest and hope.

While the World Health Organization warns against using steroids early on during treatment for the virus - as they can impede the fight against the infection - in the late-stages they can be effective.

“Early on, you’re fighting the virus and you want your immune system to be as intact as possible,” Dr Anthony Fauci, the U.S.'s top disease expert, said on Tuesday.

But in the advanced stage of COVID-19, the battle against the virus causes so much inflammation that it “is hurting you more than helping you,” he said. The results seen in the Oxford study make “perfect sense” with that notion, he said.

This is great news and fingers crossed this is the real deal and can help people across the world and hopefully it is going to be readily available.  Lockdown has been tedious for us all and my thoughts go out to you all as you battle through this.

If you take Dexamethasone and it works let me know by dropping me an email or comment on NGB.

Peace, love and understanding.





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