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10 Days to A New Life

Rest Day 1


10 Day Ibogaine Addiction Treatment

Be treated by world-famous drug expert, humanitarian, and former addict, Barry Cooper. He and his wife Mia, RN, founded their Ibogaine clinic for the sole purpose of treating all addictions, alcoholism, alcohol cravings, depression, PTSD, and other pesky disorders. They offer beach-side, doctor-supervised, out-patient Ibogaine treatments in Thailand. Many participate for the purpose of consciousness expansion. Visit us for treatment and become the best version of yourself possible.

Day 1: Arrival

We will pick you up at the airport and provide a cell phone that contains our 24-hour contact number. You will then be transported to your hotel/condo. You will use this day to decompress from your flight. Rest on the beach or in your room and get ready for your life to change. You deserve it.

Day 2:

Medical Checkup by our medical doctor.
We will transport you from your condo to our partnered holistic spa to receive a full medical check-up by our medical doctors.

Day 3:

Administering of Ibogaine

Barry and Mia will arrive at your hotel/condo to flood dose you with approximately 1 gram of Ibogaine HCL. First, a small "tester dose" of Ibogaine will be dissolved in juice for you to drink. If you have no allergic reactions you will be given the flood dose of Ibogaine. The Ibogaine will cause you to loop dream for 6 to 12 hours. You will be fully conscious or asleep during your trip. Mild visual distortions may be experienced.

Day 4:

Rest and Reflect

All of your systems will be reset to pre-PTSD/Depression state and you will no longer have any cravings. You will use this day to sleep, rest, and relax in your room because you will want to reflect on your experience.

Day 5:

Visit our holistic doctors for one of many treatments. (Multi-vitamin drip, ozone therapy, chelation, colonics.)

Day 6:

Trauma life coaching with Barry Cooper.

Day 7:

Visit our holistic doctors for one of many treatments. (Multi-vitamin drip, ozone therapy, chelation, colonics.)

Day 8:

Trauma life coaching with Barry Cooper

Day 9:

Complimentary beachside massage.

Day 10:

Every client either extends their stay or wished they could. If you do not extend, we will take you to the airport to catch your flight.

Call us on 512 588 5757 for your custom ten-day addiction treatment details.


We have fantastic news if you are an addict who is being treated with Ibogaine. We do not want you to ever experience withdrawals. In fact, we will not treat you with Ibogaine if you are “dope sick.” If you are addicted to an opiate or are taking suboxone or methadone, we require you to take a short-acting opiate (hydrocodone, OxyContin, oxycodone, heroin, etc.) for 20 days prior to boarding the airplane. Properly dose and do not overdose. Do not bring any un-prescribed medications or illegal drugs to the airport. You may be an addict but you are not stupid. Upon arrival, the doctor will dose you with a short-acting opiate to ensure you do not experience any withdrawals.

If you are addicted to methamphetamine, cocaine, or alcohol, dose properly before arriving at the airport. Our doctor will dose you with the proper medications to ensure you do not withdraw or have a craving.



What is Ibogaine Treatment?

Ibogaine treatment dosage is calculated according to the level of opioid tolerance. In cases where a patient is heavily dependent upon Methadone or Heroin, the treatment duration may take a little longer. When you arrive at our clinic you will be warmly greeted and taken to your tranquil place of stay so you can unpack and unwind.

This is a voluntary treatment and your desire and intention to heal is a major factor in the effectiveness of Ibogaine. It will unchain you and show you the way to a new life.

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is an addiction interrupter that also resets the brain’s neurotransmitters functions to a pre-addictive state.

The Ibogaine root bark has been used in these countries for hundreds to thousands of years during the ritualistic ceremonies of the Bwiti religion. Ibogaine displays anti-addictive properties, interrupting the symptoms of the drug withdrawal syndrome and eliminating drug craving – allowing an addict to detoxify with no withdrawal symptoms.

Is Ibogaine Safe?

As long as it is administered in a responsible manner and proper medical screening is done beforehand, it is completely safe. No healthy person has ever died from Ibogaine ingestion. It is a natural substance that has been used for centuries and it has been proven scientifically to have no neurotoxic effects on the human brain.

Does The Treatment Work?

Ibogaine works as it deals with both the physical addiction to the drug as well as the emotional addiction to it. This drug allows patients to get to a psychological state where they are able to get rid of the urge that is leading them to addiction so they can break free. This is why it has an 80%-90% success rate, as measured 6 months to 1 year after treatment. Ibogaine protocols are now becoming one of the fastest growing treatments for addiction.

What Does It Feel Like Taking Ibogaine?

It is like taking a dream-like journey into yourself. You will be able to look at different aspects of your life in a different way to be able to forgive yourself and let go of damaging emotions.

Your Guide - Barry Cooper

Who is Barry Cooper?

Barry Cooper is a world-famous drug expert and humanitarian who was once one of the nation’s top drug-enforcement police officers. He experienced an unbelievable shift in consciousness after experimenting with psychedelics, which led to his acclaimed transformation. For over 12 years, Barry has passionately worked as an activist, drug expert witness, drug consultant, life coach and psychedelic healer.
He is the founder of NeverGetBusted, and owner of the Ibogaine Treatment Center located in Thailand.


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