Mail Your Pot Instead Of Rolling Dirty


When Traveling, Mail Your Pot Or Purchase It Upon Arrival


By Barry Cooper

Driving with more pot then you can eat is one of the most unsafe things a person can do because of the ridiculous number of traffic/drug cops roaming the U.S. highways.  It’s much safer to mail your pot or make a score upon arrival.  You are more likely to be busted by a highway interdiction officer than being busted for mailing pot or purchasing small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

Purchasing marijuana after you arrive  is safer especially when purchasing small amounts.  Citizens often get busted selling large quantities of marijuana during ”reversal” stings where police pose as drug dealers to lure in large sums of cash but this does not hold true to purchasers of small amounts of marijuana.   Purchasing small amounts of pot requires very little money so law enforcement is not interested in reverse stinging for small sums of cash.

Posing as a dealer, police sometimes sell a small amount of contraband to unsuspecting citizens so they can later make a traffic stop on the purchaser and seize the small amount and make an arrest. These stings are called, “road-kills.” To avoid a road-kill, never purchase more than you and the occupants can eat.

If visiting a friend, it’s safer to mail small amounts of marijuana to your destination prior to leaving.  Use the United States Postal service and not UPS or FedX.  The latter two are private companies and are allowed to open any suspicious packages without a warrant.  U.S.P.S. packages can only be opened with a federal search warrant. Small amounts of pot are not alarming to U.S. postal investigators because the grueling process of obtaining a federal search warrant is not worth their effort.


5 Responses to “Mail Your Pot Instead Of Rolling Dirty”

  1. art, Reply

    I agree with you 100% with this but the problem is finding a connection in the city that you are visiting. If it is a city that you have never been to, how can you make a pot purchase when u don’t know anybody within 100 miles? Any suggestions?

  2. bruinlifer, Reply

    only visit cities in Colorado and Oregon… =)

  3. Rusty Shackleford, Reply

    When I was a cannabis-smoker, I would always go to the skatepark and ask around when I was in a new city. I never went back to my hotel empty-handed… Although if you don’t skateboard and you show up just looking for weed, the people there might be a little suspicious of you lol

  4. PondRacer, Reply

    Gotta make a note to include trains (the same teams that work highway interdiction will often work train interdiction). Travel with edibles, and mail your dank home (or to your destination, if not home).

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