The law calls it illegal, stoners call it dabs, we call it the cure for cancer

June 30th, 2014

A quick Google search will produce undeniable evidence that cannabis oil, also known in cannabis culture as “dabs,” cures cancer. However, this knowledge hasn’t reached everyone and in many places the cure is still illegal, leaving hundreds of thousands to suffer and die from a curable disease.  The cure has been ignored and hidden under a mess of prohibition and corruption for far too long.  No one else should be forced to suffer or die because of government ignorance and lack of compassion.  The videos below say it all. Please share and help humanity defeat cancer:

Run From the Cure by Rick Simpson (Full Film) 

Learn more about Rick Simpson and how to make your own cancer healing oil here:


 Molecular Biologist Discovers THC Kills Cancer Cells


 Cannabis Oil Cures Baby’s Inoperable Brain Tumor


Cannabis Oil Cured 9 Yr Old’s Leukemia 

NeverGetBusted's Vice President, social media manager and graphic designer, Kelsie Paige, is a multi-talented creative with a humanitarian spirit. Through her work, she seeks to expose corruption and shed light on the solutions that will help humanity flourish.


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